Year of Change; ‘messiahs’, tell us how to save us Tarzan charges over utility tariffs

Former Chief Executive of the Volta River Authority, Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobbey, is asking organized labour to abandon its discussion with government on a purported reduction in utility tariffs.

He describes the process as a charade, and must be dropped.

Dr. Wereko-Brobbey spoke with David Akuetteh on Luv Fm’s Burning Issues, local segment of the Super Morning Show in Kumasi.

He says people should rather pay attention to recent fuel prices and other government taxes which have the potential to worsen the cost living.

“I don’ t know the fixation people have with utility tariffs… why don’t have a fixation about the cost of telephone units, about the taxes that government has put on government has put on petroleum products, about transport fares people are going to have to pay will have to pay, why this fixation on electricity prices? It a joke, a complete joke,” he concluded.

He questioned the logic of reducing utility tariffs when transport fares are set to go up whilst telecom companies also increase cost their services because they have to charge withholding tax.

“So we should reduce electricity prices and let GPRTU put transport fares up, telephone companies put up cost of units because now they are being required to charge 15% withholding tax. So where is the protest, where is the logic, where if the rationale in all of that? It’s a waste of time,” Dr. Wereko- Brobbey insisted.

In response to a question on the suffering on Ghanaians and what should be done to reduce the hardship, the outspoken energy expert said any argument in that direction should take into account all the factors that are resulting in such hardship, rather than focus only on electricity.

“What is the relative impact of the electricity price hikes in relation to the stream of taxes that government has introduced? Petrol prices have gone up how much, 27-30 per cent, transport fares will go up; when they do go up, food prices will go up, the cost of everything else will go up. Why is there a fixation about a meeting about utility prices?” he quizzed.

Dr. Wereko-Brobbey concluded by challenging those who are seeking power to tell Ghanaians what alternatives they have.

“For Christ sake, this is the year of choice, this is the year of potential change; those who offer themselves as our potential ’messiah’ should stand up and tell us how they intend to save us,” he charged.

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