Yammin Pats Kudalor On The Back On New Role

Former Deputy Ashanti Minister, Joseph Yammin has encouraged new Acting Inspector General of Police not to be perturbed by calls for him to be dropped from the position.

Speaking on Kumasi based Angel FM, Joseph Yammin encouraged the Acting IGP, John Kudalor, “It is normal that people try to raise issues about anyone who has been appointed to a high role. It would have been a problem if no one spoke ill about him at this time, even the bible says woe unto you if everyone speaks good about you”.

Many in the NPP and participants of the Let My Vote Count Alliance were met by police violence after they refused to do as told by the Police at a time that Mr. Kudalor was Director General of Police Operations.

Hon. Yammin went on to list instances in the erstwhile NPP administration where police cracked down on protesters and wondered why the LMVCA is being made to look like a saint when the group “misconducted itself and refused to follow laid down rules”.

He insists that John Kudalor has been one of the finest Police officers in the service.

Some elements especially within the opposition NPP are uncomfortable with the appointment and believe John Kudalor has been handed the new role as a reward for that crackdown on the LMVCA demonstration; a situation they also fear might compromise the police during the upcoming elections in favor of the ruling government.

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