Y-FMs Kwame Scientific Releases Gold Nuggets For Musical Success In Ghana

One of the Top Dogzz of entertainment radio in the Ashanti region has been volunteering pieces of advice to upcoming music talents.

YFM’s Kwame (Poku) Scientific in his open letter to upcoming musicians issues a series of gold nuggets for musical success brewed from several years working with musicians of various classes.

Read below these success masterpieces from the lenses of a master DJ and presenter.


I have always loved new music and working scientific-open letter with new musical talents. Throughout my few years I have worked as a radio DJ, I have helped out a number of young talents. These are a few observations I have made
on the mistakes new acts make:

The music scene in Ghana, is very competitive now, you might not get a hit with your first commercial release, see the first commercial song you make as a way to announce your presence.

Take your time when making your songs, get a coach to help with the song making process (writing, composing, recording etc.) There have been instances where artists have brought me songs that are not ‘good‘ songs, but because the songs have already been recorded and mixed, when I tell them to remake the songs, they get mad.

On talking to a music promoter or DJ for the first time, do not do it through WhatsApp, call the fellow, book a meeting with them and talk.

I believe it is in the right sense to make a phone call, than chatting a DJ who doesn’t know you, to help play your song.

Don’t send your music through WhatsApp to a DJ, WhatsApp most often messes up the audio quality. Send your songs to their emails if you cannot deliver them in person. No doubt radio is a powerful tool for song promotion.You do not have to depend solely on radio to promote your song.

There are lots of promotional tools online you can use to promote yourself and your music: soundcloud.com, hulkshare.com, reverbnation.com etc. check them out.

There are a lot of music download website in Ghana now, Urbanroll.net, Ghanandwom.com,Bigxgh.com,loudsoundgh.com,tunesgh.net,Nydjlive.com etc. contact them, they will help you out.
Songs like ‘Gangnam Style’ by Korean Pop star PSY, #Selfie by Electronic Dance Music duo Chain smokers through the internet became viral songs and went on to become billboard hits.

If you can promote your song very well on the internet, your song can become viral (popular on the internet) even before it gets onto the radio.

I have been to a lot of recording studios, I see the passion and effort most of you put into the songs you make, I respect that, but now that you cannot making a living from your music, there should be other be other profitable ventures you are into, to help push your dream.

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