November 19, 2014, as has been proclaimed Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED); the launch of this inaugural event will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The day is an opportunity to celebrate, engage and empower female entrepreneurs.

So today, the NUGS Women’s Commission wishes to celebrate all women entrepreneurs in Ghana, especially young women entrepreneurs in school. Those who utilize their skills and talents in the service of humanity.

According to the International Labor Organization, there are 812 million women living in developing countries with the potential to contribute more fully to their economies. Yet the World Economic Forum reports that no nation has yet to achieve gender equality – depending on where they live, women only have access to 58-70% of the economic, educational, health and political resources and opportunities available to men.

Given the above statistics, the Women’s Commission of the National Union of Ghana Students acknowledges the need to empower women economically, especially young women in school. For this reason, the Commission has already commenced preparations for establishment of a Women’s Leadership Centre starting February 2015 to train women in leadership and governance. The key modules of this training programme are management of SMEs and resource mobilization.

Wendy Diamond – CEO and Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day writes “We will celebrate the unwavering positives that women entrepreneurs bring to the global economy as well as empower and support future generations”

WED is not only one day to “Empower, Support and Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide,” but it’s main objective is to be a strong leader in women’s entrepreneurship annually from 2014 and beyond, implementing a number of key initiatives designed to support women worldwide and help them with their businesses all year long.

In 2002, Ghana Statistical Survey reported that 85 percent of women are in the private labour force compared to their male colleagues who make up 75 percent (Dzisi, 2008). Additionally, Jalbert (1999c) found that about 70 percent of micro, small and medium enterprises are owned and operated by females.

And so even as the NUGS Women’s Commission admits that some progress has been made on the economic front in respect of creating opportunities for women, the Commission still believes a lot more interventions will have to be adopted to accelerate women’s growth and development. We must increase access to credit, land, information and other economic resources needed to develop and grow their businesses.

From this day forward the Commission pledges to rally everyone behind the call to make a massive impact to support women owned businesses in the country.


Iris Kwafo-Mensah
(NUGS Women’s Commissioner)

M: 0208526041 / 0576812512
E: nugswocom2014@gmail.com

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