Women on Fire, an awesome play from a master class playwright

He took his audience to the dressing room of the Black Stars; and then to the airport.

This time, renowned playwright James Ebo Whyte transported his loyal and growing audience to the market square unveiling typical market gossip, traditional misconceptions and controling unruly political bigotry in a dramatic and hilarious fashion.

The playwright’s wittiness has over the years managed to carve a niche for him as Ghana’s finest.

His plays have breathed life into the Ghanaian theatre industry and his latest production – Women on Fire – is no different.

Women on Fire, set in a market scene, captures the different sides of a Ghanaian laced with unparalleled comedy. It captures the diverse social backgrounds of women in the society.

Sika, contrary to expectation, after her master’s degree decides to sell at the market. Equipped with much needed knowledge, she implements what she learnt in school and thus sees her business flourish.

As it pertains in a not too strange Ghanaian setting, her colleagues become envious of her success and start plotting against her.

With the help of Mayor Johnson, her ex-husband, Sika’s world comes crushing but will that be her end? 

The highpoint of this exciting production is a widow expressing joy at the death of her husband, citing his womanizing ways as a cause. Strangely, this woman discloses that when she was left in the room to bid her departed husband farewell, she rained insults on his lifeless body.

Women on Fire, which is the fourth play by Roverman Production this year, held a special preview at the National Theatre Thursday night.

Patrons, who attend the special preview, courtesy of telecom giant Airtel, could not hold their laughter as the cast took turns to unleash an overdose of impeccable stagecraft laced with comedy on the night.

The hundreds at the National Theatre laughed, clapped and guffawed as the story unfolded on stage.

Kwame Gyan, Brand Assets Manager of Airtel Ghana, speaking in an interview with Myjoyonline.com after the play, said the production was an excellent one.

“It was great, it was excellent [and] it was very revealing. Uncle Ebo has a way of bringing to light the current treats in our Ghanaian life onto the stage and I think it was lovely,” he said.

A key lesson he believes should be passed on, is that, politicians need to know that they “can’t just mess it up all the time. There comes a time that people will realize that they have the power and so you act for the people and not yourself.”

Renowned actor, Ekow Smith-Asante also told Myjoyonline.com “It was a different Ebo Whyte. It kicked me from the first minute and it sustained me to just the dying moments of the whole show. It was so impressive, I loved it [and] it was real. This is a market scene, you can easily relate to it and I loved it.”

Women on Fire plays at the National Theatre on Saturday, November 29 and November 30 November 2014. It will also play on December 6 and December 7 4pm and 8pm daily. Story by Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)

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