Withdraw The Killer Taxes; Reduce Utility Tariffs To 50% –CCT

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers [CCT] has embarked on a demonstration calling on the NDC ruling government to reverse the taxes slapped on petroleum products and reduce both the electricity and water tariffs to 50percent.

The Acting President of CCT, Mr. Ali Awudu King said the refusal of government to reduce the utility tariffs and as well as withdraw the “killer” energy sector levies leaves them with no option but to demonstrate against government insensitivity.

He said all CCT members and teachers in Ghana have boycotted school together with families in order to join organized labour in their respective regions to demonstrate their anger and frustration to the Mahama-led administration.

Mr. Awudu noted that the announcement of the increase in utility tariffs of 59.2 percent and 67.2 percent for electricity and water respectively on December 7, 2015 came as a shock.

He added that they as part of organized labour earlier met with the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission [PURC] and agreed on an increment that should not be more than 50percent for both electricity and water.

According to him, to their outermost surprise, government again announced the introduction of energy sector levies which resulted in astronomical increase of 27percent in fuel prices.

The Acting President noted that these increases have begun to aggravate the already harsh economic conditions faced by workers in Ghana.

Norbert Gborgbortsi, Deputy Communications Director, CCT, said, meanwhile, government quickly, using “robbing Peter to pay Paul” effect decided to increase public sector wages to only 10percent at a time inflation rate is 17.4percent which means that public sector wages has already declined by 7.4percent.

According to him, “if public sectors are rebuking government over these increments of levies and taxes, how much more the ordinary citizen who cannot even feed himself with a one square meal a day.”

He indicated that this is the moment government has to demonstrate that he is indeed a listening government by withdrawing the energy sector levies and reduce the utility tariffs to 50percent.

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