Will Guru Ever Behave Like Shatta Wale Should He Lose His Acclaimed 3 Awards At This Year’s GMA?

Hmmmmm…..I’ve been thinking about this year’s Ghana Music Awards (GMA) afterwards reactions of the “Boys Abrε” hit maker if he should lose his 3 self acclaimed awards.

It seems insults have been a common trend of some Ghanaian artistes who fail to reach their expectations at the GMA in a couple of years.

In 2010, Kwaw Kese and Blakk Rasta launched insults on the GMA organizers. Kwaw Kese described 2010 GMA “as fishy and biased” .Black Rasta on the other hand publicly called it, “the biggest insult to Ghanaian music.”

On April 3rd, 2012, R2bees described Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as “A joke, fraudulent and not credible” after they failed to win any award with their popular single ‘Ajeei’.

Well, we all know what happened at last year’s Ghana Music Awards. Sarkodie, AJ Nelson, Guru and the overall man of the year, Shatta Wale launched insults on Charter House, the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards.

Between last year and this year, Guru has managed to hype his brand. At least, 70% of the total Ghanaian population can sing “Boys Abrε”. It was the official slogan of the opposition party for this year’s budget. If you don’t hear “Boys Abrε”, you definitely hear “Girls Kasa” on every Ghanaian lips.

I personally don’t like church though, but when Jehovah Witnesses invited me last two weeks, I honoured it. During one of their discussions, a gentle man stood to answer one of the questions asked by the leader concerning why the disciples of Jesus were sleeping while He (Jesus) was praying at Gethsemane. He simply answered by saying in Akan “Na boys abrε” which translates “The boys were tired”.

So I ask, what will happen if Guru who has clearly vindicated himself last year fails to win three awards this year?

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