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Samia Yaba Nkrumah

Samia Yaba Nkrumah

The CPP has always been a party full of greatness. But with such greatness comes trials, changes and even minor defeats. Even a party, as great as ours, has moments of weakness and is not free from problems.

Our party suffers. But why? What problem could cause so much unforeseen, and even almost ignored suffering? The problem is a lack of unity, inactivity and responsibility. How could a party, that was founded on the principle of service, responsibility, duty and honour have gone so far in where inactivity is rampant, complaints are high, and the people left to do the job are ones who wish they didn’t have to.

Recent events have given ample evidence that the problem of today’s CPP is inability to galvanize the people, especially the youth to form a formidable part to compete with the rival parties. The party is not grassroots because it is not acceptable to the masses. It is not seen as people’s party. The party has not framed today’s political debate in conformity with “The Mission and Vision of the Osagyefo and have not been able to inspire people to join the party to enable it win elections again. Since the party is inattractive to voters, it has not been able to move Nkrumahism forward.

The decimation is unchallenged because the party is impotent and has abandoned the ideology of the founder. The result is a party in demise and a people in agony. We’ve betrayed ourselves, forsaken a long lost oath to uphold the very foundation of the party. The party has not allowed the people to elect a dynamic leadership group that can create a political vehicle of mobilized masses. The current leaders of the party are unwilling to give way to new leadership. There has been a frequent call for the leadership to resign because they have failed the party. It has become obvious to many that the leadership have not clue of the problems confronting the party. They do not understand the political dynamics of Ghana today. They have difficulties but are reluctant to give way to a new leadership team democratically. The reluctance of the leadership has resulted in myriads of political failures. In addition, the elitism of the leadership has disconnected the party from the grassroots and has affected the national growth of the party. The party is disorganized, confused and disjointed. Many of it leading members have been co-opted and are looking out for their own selfish interest instead of working diligently to rebuild the party in line with “The Mission and Vision”. Some of the leaders have revealed that they have their own hidden agenda that conflict with the agenda of Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP. Leadership selfishness is crippling the party growth. The result of this is irreconcilable division.

This party needs to reunite. We need to reunite and come together, hand in hand, and step by step to prove to ourselves that we are community of one, and one of the community. It’s up to us to step up and pick up the hammer, and start rebuilding the future, and we need someone, a leader, who will focus us, strengthen us, and push us towards this new goal, for the good of all. Someone with a vision, a path to victory, a way to achieving that goal.

So who is? We are. Each and every one of us. How can we sit back and watch, and when nothing is getting done the way we think they are we say. It is about time that the masses of our comrades witnessed the coming into being of a new leader who will create a great political awakening, to ensure that the vision of its founder Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is achieved.

Daniel Essien
Regional Secretary – Ashanti
0245-734486 / 0261302771
Email: danessien@yahoo.co.uk.

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