“We Will Advice Ourselves If…”—Dunkwa Chief

The chief and people of Dunkwa the municipal capital of Upper East Denkyira in central region are calling on government and related authorities to come and intervene to repair the Offin river bridge from it deteriorating state or else will advice themselves.

The heavy metal bridge that was established over 20-years ago has not received any maintenance since its establishment, is now on rampant deteriorating process due to the bad nature of the Obuasi – Dunkwa highways.

The main Offin River Bridge, that link Obuasi-Dunkwa to other important towns and constituencies in the central region is now posing risk on the lives and people, as well as hindering economic activities in the area.

In this that, the chief of Dunkwa Nana Obeng III, has called on government and the highways authority to come to their aid, to construct and repair the Offin River Bridge to live comfortable life, and to aid economic development.

Nana said, apart from the main mining activities commencing at dunkwa, the region also is a major producer of cocoa beans and other major food stuffs. Nana added that, region like central and for that matter Dunkwa shouldn’t suffer such bad road syndrome considering it major contribution to the economic development of the country.

According to him, the fast deteriorating of the road is gradually eroding the metal rods of the Bridge leaving it to a skeletal stature posing risk on transport and human lives.

Nana Obeng said all this, in an interview with modernghana.com Saying, they have made several formal calls to authorities but still prevail null. He expressed disappointment upon several promises by government and other officials.

The Dunkwa chief said that, “I don’t understand why as a country, we should sit until something bad happens before taking action”.

The people of Dunkwa threaten to embark on demonstration to express their displeasure to government but were stop following immediate intervention by the Ashanti regional Highways director Mr. Joseph Atsu coupled of months ago.

However, the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Emelia Ankomah has pleaded, to Chief and the people of dunkwa to exercise patients since her office is working hard to get the problem solve.

Hon. Emelia said this when responding to the motion of the chief of Dunkwa in an interview with the modernghana.com said, when she resume the office September 1st last year, she has been working hard with appropriate channels to solve the problem.

According to her, she has written series of letters to the road ministry, highways, and urban roads among others for the project to see the day light, which are not left there alone but do lots of follow ups to check on them.

She said, Obuasi-Dunkwa road which 30km has been awarded for contracts. Explaining that, 15km has been giving to highways whiles urban roads has taken 15km to finish the work as early as possible. She added that work will commend on the roads by January 2014.

Hon. Emelia expressing worry in her voice whiles speaking to the sun said that, “I have been working day in and day out on these bad road network, I don’t even sleep on it”, she lamented. Adding that, the president John Manama himself has made promise during a tour in the municipal.

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