We Need Unity -Van Vicker Cries

Van Vicker and Abdul Salam
Popular actor cum director Van Vicker is talking about unity, days after his reunion with popular film producer and CEO of Venus Films, Abdul Salam Mumuni, whom he fell out with eight years ago.

Van said one of the best ways of flashing out challenges confronting Ghana’s movie industry was for stakeholders, especially actors and producers, to be united.

According to Van, who was speaking out of experience, without unity the industry stood the chance of losing a lot and also facing unnecessary limitations that wouldn’t help anybody.

‘I mean, what’s the point in sidelining actors or actors sidelining or refusing to work with certain producers. It doesn’t make us united. It doesn’t build an industry,’ he said in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE over the weekend.

Van Vicker and Salam had issues with each other after they worked on the 2008 hit movie, Princess Tyra.

Salam had publicly stated that no artiste was big enough to sell his movies and that Van had ‘grown wings’, as a result of which he couldn’t work with him.

Van also insinuated that Salam was not professional in dealing with artistes.

But after eight years, they have buried the hatchet and Van is currently filming for Salam’s upcoming movie titled Stalemate.

He is playing the role of Greg, a character who has given up on playing ladies. But his past comes haunting him when on his wedding day his would-be wife’s maids are all his ex-girlfriends. He now has to prove his love for his wife and tell the other ladies it’s truly over.

Pascal Amanfo and actress Christabel Ekeh
Van told NEWS-ONE that the eight-year fallout with Salam didn’t help either of them, adding that it felt good to be back.

‘The feeling on set is overwhelming. It just takes me back to the good old days. It is like I am living eight years ago. It’s a good feeling. For some reason all the noise that they made in the last seven (7) or eight (8) years doesn’t even play on my mind. It’s like we never even had issues. That’s the kind of feeling I have. And it is good to be back, knowing that hard feelings have been put behind and it’s for the betterment of the industry,’ he said.

‘…We want unity. Unity will take us further. Unity creates options. If I have issues with a producer and the producer has issues with other actors, he will be limited in his selection and I’m also limited. So we don’t need that. The feeling is overwhelming. It is good to be back,’ Van emphasised.

NEWS-ONE took exclusive photos from the movie’s set, where Salam and Van have been having a good time, to show those who care that they have put their past behind them.

The new movie is being directed by Pascal Amanfo, with the director of photography being John Passah.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50   Email: [email protected] )


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