We Must All Fight Enthnocentricism—Hon. Kobena Woyome

The Member of Parliament for the South TonguConstituency, Hon KobenaWoyomeMensah has called on all peace loving Ghanaians to rise up in condemning every ethnocentric comment uttered irrespective of who is involved to safeguard the peace and security of the nation.

According to him, Ghana is no different from countries such as Rwanda that had suffered deadly conflicts as a result of hateful ethnocentric commentary.

He stated that if nothing is done now to curb the phenomenon, it would grow gradually to become intrinsic and haunt the nation negatively in the near future.

He is therefore advocating for citizenship awareness creation and anti-ethnocentrism campaigns to make such divisive comments an unattractive venture.

Hon Woyome`s call came in the wake of alleged ethnocentric secret tape recordings of former Finance Minister, Mr Yaw OsarfoMafo.

The lawmaker stated that “our forebears like Nkrumah went beyond enthnic considerations to provide for us equal economic and socio-cultural opportunities.

They fought hard to win for us a united country with diverse and unique cultural differences; there is the need for us, the present generation to protect that for our children`s children.We should not allow anything to divide us, let us appreciate eachother`s ethnic background’’ he said passionately.

Chapter five of the 1992 Constitution, clause 17 he said guarantees every citizen the right of equality and freedom from discrimination and therefore no individual or groups of people should be allowed to throw the country into disarray.

The MP who is an Ewe and married to an Akyemwoman with children said Ghana has come a long way with mixed blood through inter-ethnic marriages and cultural balances and must not be allowed to be divided along tribal lines for parochial interests.

He called on civil society, the academia, religious groups, students, trade unionists, the media and politicians to place the national interest above all considerations and speak against ethnocentrism to keep Ghana`s integrity as the haven of peace and hope for Africa in the liberation struggle.

Hon Kobena Woyome Mensah, MP South Tongu

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