We Don’t Have Short Memories – Konadu

Nana Konadu in a group photograph with the Ashanti Regional executives of the NDP

FORMER FIRST lady and founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, has emphasized that President Mahama has no respect for Ghanaians, who voted him into political office.

She stated that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government is made up of corrupt people who lack integrity and also do not respect the people who pay taxes for government to manage the country with. For that matter, the former first lady – who was a key member of her husband’s (Jerry Rawlings’) ruling party (NDC) – has charged Ghanaians to vote the party out of power in next year’s general election.

Nana Konadu particularly chastised the president and some government appointees for consistently directing offensive comments at Ghanaians, who are at the receiving end of the government’s weak leadership style, which she noted, had brought about massive poverty.

Short Memory
‘Ghana needs a leader who is upright and can fight corruption. We don’t need a leader that has taken Ghanaians for granted and can look at Ghanaians and say we have short memories,’ Nana Konadu, who looked angry, stated.

She stated that Ghana’s current state is bad but people like her, had kept quiet all this while. ‘We have kept quiet all this while with the hope that things will get better but sadly, Ghana’s problem is getting worse, and worse, and worse,’ she said, attracting a rapturous applause from the charged crowd.

The occasion was the Ashanti Regional NDP Conference, which was used to elect new regional executives of the party. The event was held in Kumasi on Saturday and it received massive patronage.

NDP Not Collapsed
The ex-first lady vehemently debunked reports that the NDP was collapsing, insisting that it is strong and growing rapidly.

She said some people had been fabricating falsehood on radio that the NDP is now left with only her (Nana Konadu) and her three children. ‘Contrary to this rumour, people have been flooding our party office to join the NDP on daily basis,’ she maintained.

Diabolic Plan  
Nana Konadu said she and the leadership of the NDP were aware of grand moves by some hidden faces to prevent the NDP from taking part in the 2016 elections as it occurred during the 2012 polls, ‘but their plans will not work this time around.’

The NDP leader stated that her political party would do everything possible in order to contest the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections and wrest power from the NDC.

She bemoaned the fact that businessmen were sacking their staff at will due to the poor state of the economy, noting that whilst other countries are seriously finding antidotes to their problems, the NDC government is doing nothing about Ghana’s deplorable condition.

She insisted that reported cases of corruption in the country are real, noting that ‘indulging in corrupt practices in secret doesn’t mean that you have not stolen what has been put in your care.’

Nana Konadu stressed that the country needs upright people with integrity to develop the state, noting that the NDP could boast of such caliber of people.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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