We can’t use High Tech consoles: MPs complain

Some Members of Parliament (MPs) have complained about their inability to use the newly installed computerised console on their tables.

The consoles where installed in order to make work on the floor of the House easier.

But some of the MPs tell Joy News’ Parliamentary Correspondent, Elton John Brobbey that it will take a while before they can get used to the new devices.

The best thing which should have been done, according to the MPs was for leaders to allow some form of orientation before the House resumed.

They were however certain that their inability to use the devices will not hinder business on the floor as most of the issues to be dealt with will not require their use.

The IT infrastructure has been installed with legislative software and has the capacity to ensure that the MPs are able to access various parliamentary papers while on the floor.

The new console.
They will also offer the parliamentarians the opportunity to vote electronically on national issues.

The house has also been furnished with new seats, larger television and voting screens, carpets and new chandeliers.

Speaker of Parliament Edward Doe Adjaho has assured that a training programme has been scheduled for the MPs after today’s sitting.

Meanwhile, the MPs have demanded that issues such as how much it cost the taxpayer to refurbish the Chamber and why as many as 10 people were sent to inspect the tables and chairs before they were shipped into the country.

The Public Affairs Department of parliament has confirmed that the speaker will meet with the media, after sitting today, to address these issues.

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