We Are For Development And Not Division BONABOTO Reacts To Chronicle Story

The executive of BONABOTO, a union of people from Bolgatanga, Nabdam, Bongo and Tongo, has sharply rejected portions of publication in this newspaper which they say was distasteful.

The Chronicle, on January 22, 2016, published a story under the headline “BONABOTO WARNS ABONGO, PERFORM OR BE BOOTED OUT”.  The last sentence of the fourth paragraph reads; “He warned that if Mr. Abongo brought his poor performance as MP to the administration of the region, BONABOTO, which Abongo is a member of, would not allow him to stay in office.” This was attributed to the PRO of BONABOTO, Mr. Stanley Abopaam.

The publication also captured in the last paragraph; “Though BONABOTO had championed some developmental course in its catchment area, it had also been criticised for causing division among other tribes. Some had even criticised the union for internal division, backbiting and discrimination.”

These portions of the publication did not go down well with the executives of BONABOTO. And in their attempt to express their unhappiness about it in a suave and appropriate manner, the executive wrote, inviting this reporter to a meeting where they described the aforementioned excerpts as being not only distasteful, but imbalanced and factually inaccurate.

For example, they explained the union does not have the authority to determine whether Mr. Abongo stays in office or not, even if he does not perform satisfactorily, because it was not the union that appointed him.

On the assertion that the union has been criticised for causing division among other tribes, internal division, backbiting and discrimination, the executives, led by Mr. Oscar Avormah, Vice Chairman of BONABOTO, stated strongly that it was a mere perception, and since it was not even discussed in the radio interview the PRO granted A1 Radio, from which this reporter did the story, it should not have been captured in the story. Or if, at all, this reporter wanted to capture it, he should have sought a reaction from the union executive.

Summing up their concerns, the executives viewed that the publication cast a slur on the union, because these two portions of the story are contrary to the agenda it has championed in its catchment area, including providing medicinal assistance. In responding, the reporter first apologised to the executive and membership of BONABOTO, and explained that he did not do the story with an ill mind.

After nearly an hour of deliberations, the executive stated that the union has never caused any division, whether intra or inter, neither does it backbite or discriminate.

They subsequently demanded a retraction of the stated portions of the publication, which the reporter promised to do so.  By this publication, The Chronicle newspaper regrets any inconvenience our earlier publication had caused BONABOTO, its membership, executive, and any of its partners, and herein retract the quoted excerpts of the said publication and apologise.

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