Water crisis: Residents of Lijobilbo vow not to vote in November polls

Residents of Lijobilbo, a community in the Mion district of the Northern region have vowed not to vote in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections this year.

The residents say they do not have potable drinking water although they have made several appeals to government to address the situation.

They have been compelled to drink water from wells and dams which are unfit for human consumption.

The River Dakar which serves as their only source of drinking water is about 4km from the community and the bad nature of the road leading to the river makes a trip to the river unbearable.

Joy News correspondent, Martina Bugri was in the community and reports that the ridges and galleys which make up most part of the road, can cause serious injuries if care is not taken.

She said some deaths have already occurred on the road majority of whom are women.

One resident told Martina his mother had gone to fetch water but slipped, fell, and died a few days later.

Another woman fell and broke her spine and had to be rushed to the hospital, Martina reports.

The young men in the area say the struggle for water and the bad nature of the roads is affecting their relationships.

“Even if the girl loves you more than anything when she comes to fetch water for you just once, she’ll go back to her house,” one resident told Martina.

The situation is worse when is starts raining. The water becomes oily and unfit for human consumption.

They called on government to help fix the situation.

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