WANEP warns of violent actions in Ghana if…

A security group says Ghana faces a future of violent demonstrations and general political instability if government fails to deal with the worsening economic conditions and public discontent over corruption.

The West Africa Network for Peace (WANEP) made the revelations in its National Human Security Early Warning report released on Tuesday.

For instance, WANEP said data gathered indicated that there is a rising form of criminality – targeted killings (homicide) or direct attacks.

According to the report, armed robbery accounted for about 38.33% of incidents recorded in the last quarter of 2013. The total number of death resulting from these attacks was ten (10) and twenty-three (23) victims severely injured.

The report also mentioned factionalism in NPP towards the party’s delegates’ congress.

“These situations, coupled with public discontent over the government’s efforts to manage corruption and address economic hardships, the emergent violent attacks on some Police Stations and Barracks by criminals, and increasing incidents of Target Killings (Homicide), might risk the present political and general stability in the country if not well managed,” the report said.

Isaac Banor, National Network Coordinator for WANEP-Ghana, told Joy FM’s Top Story Tuesday that issues raised in the report were not entirely new to the public, but he discounted any intention to cause public panic.

However, he said, given the trend at which issues are happening in the country, there is need for a concerted effort to be made to find best ways at solving the problem in the shortest possible time, else the likelihood of instability would become a reality.

The report also recommended the encouragement of the security agencies to increase sub-urban/community monitoring during festive occasions in order to curb the wilful killings of individuals during such occasions. Individuals, who feel threatened were reminded to prudently report to police and seek personal protection.

But Deputy Minister of Information, Felix Kwakye Ofosu said the report falls short of any evidence of independent verification.

He noted that the issues raised, which are already in the public domain is not enough to conclude the country would soon be consumed by violent activities.

Kwakye Ofosu described as worrying, when such serious issues are highlighted without being “backed by verifiable evidence”.

He therefore wondered how government could intervene in the internal wrangling of the opposition New Patriotic Party as cited by the report.

On the issue of targeted killings, he said the country has institutions dealing with such matters. Some perpetrators have been apprehended, charging WANEP to highlight breakthroughs in order to avoid “creating unnecessary tension”.

Nonetheless, he said government takes issues raised in the report serious and has therefore put in place steps to combat them.

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT http://myjoyonline.com/docs/48252ghanawarn_wanep-ghana,%20december%202013%20%281%29.pdf

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