Vybrant Faya Is The Suboptimal Male Dancehall Artiste In Ghana

Vybrant Faya

Vybrant Faya

Does Vybrant Faya fit the specifications of a real dancehall artiste?

Does he understand the word music and career attached to it?

What has he achieved apart from feeding on controversies?

What can he brag off as a dancehall artiste who claims he has international recognition?

If I may ask, has he paid his dues? If he claims to be a real dancehall artiste, he’ll understand this question.

Where was he when patrons of the genre dancehall were fighting to gain firm grounds in Ghana? Somebody should check if there’s any genre in the music arena called upper class dancehall.

If I should continue bombarding him with questions the general public are asking, it might end up ripping off his musical career.

Before i commence I don’t know if I should say Vybrant Faya is acting like a wimp or he is actually a wimp. Fact been said, he is been used and abused. He is been manipulated like marionette or a puppet by a self rating technical coach by cognomen Mr. logic to divine his own selfish interest, by so doing the he is living his life through Vybrant Faya to attack and sabotage well respected and hard working artistes in the music business who have stayed relevant for decades, not with just a single hit. Yes “Mampi” gave Vybrant the platform to shine, but because he is not lyrically inclined, he couldn’t meet the target. In short he doesn’t write most of his songs.

I would like to know what Mr. Logic has achieved so far in this genre? You only need to speak to him and the next moment he will be saying he discovered you. The dancehall fraternity will be better of without him. Is his presence in the industry really credible?, because he’s causing more harm than good.

Apart from “Mampi” which was written by Mr. Logic and others, the song found it’s way to become a hit one way or the other, self acclaimed Mampi general has released over 7 songs and none was a hit. He is not even on the same level with the wonder kid Eye Judah talk less of trying to throw taboo words at Stonebwoy. Eye Judah is 2 million times superior than Vybrant Faya in terms of voice delivery and clarity, lyrics, creativity, production, etc. The only qualities that can be attributed to the kind of music Vybrant does is poor patwa diction, poor harmony, bragging and attention seeker.

According to close sources, Mr. Logic has created so many enemies for himself and he is using Vybrant Faya as a shield to hide behind the scene, master minding and influencing the innocent underground artiste to throw weightless bars at lyrically inclined artists. On a real, Vybrant is been brainwashed.

It’s funny how people argue without facts. Claiming Stonebowy is greedy on radio, really? He’s trying to throw shots at the bhimnation president for reasons known to him and his team, but unfortunately for him, Stonebwoy’s tour de force is still gearing up by miles and acres, he has no time to bank his concentration on ignominious issue like this.

Upon all the noise he made with “Mampi”, claiming he does “Upperclass Dancehall” all in the name of empty hype, why isn’t he relevant till date, yet he wants attention like side chick. Disrespecting names of kahuna’s in the music industry all in the name of publicity stunt?, I strongly believe if he should really understand the music business with his entire management, they won’t act as amateurs. It’s believed he is the worse male dancehall artist in Ghana.

Shatta Wale outgunned Vybrant and his management with silence after they tried claiming ownership of the name SHATTA MOVEMENT but rebranding it as SHATTA MOVEMENT FAMILY (SMF). Fact been told, SHATTA is a Jamaican word and MOVEMENT is a word on it’s own, so which is Vybrant and his team claiming ownership off? The only word he can brag off with that he originated is DP (Desperate Puppet).

The kingpins who were before Vybrant Faya was introduced into the music industry have never poked nose into any of the educated illiterates calumniation all in the name of dissing for attention. To them, he doesn’t even exist.

One can boldly highlight and outline with so much confidence and facts that as creative, learned, conscious and flexible to change as Stonebwoy is, he personally created Bhimnation and till date history has been made and a lot has been achieved with international recognitions, performing on the same platform with outer national celebrated star, international endorsement deals. Stonebwoy has achieved a lot. For the awards, they are countless that’s why I don’t even want to add that up.

Sources close say Eye Judah is coming out with a second diss song called koliko (puppet). The puppet is now tired of the puppet master and has been going round in studios trying to distant himself from his puppet master. Like pappy Kojo will say aye late.

To wrap up, the puppet (Vybrant Faya) should hurry up to the studio with his puppet master (Mr. Logic) as all the engineers are now testifying to the fact that he needs to be fed in the booth. He is so weak he has to enter the studio with his puppet master.

Vybrant for where? Weak Acid.

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