Virtacoin Community Funds Projects Around The Globe.

Finance has long been a barrier to the attainment of some dreams. For the lack of it, many dreams have remained on the drawing board.

The irony is that while others have money in abundance and are waiting for a place to channel it, others cannot simply get hold of as much as or as little as is needed to prosecute their dreams.

In the last one month or so, the virtacoin community has funded projects across Africa, the Americas and Asia. VirtaCoin is riding on the back of to make capital available to those who need it. is a non-profit organisation with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. It helps ordinary everyday people around the world to help other ordinary people in need of small loans. It specialises in leveraging the internet and a worldwild network of microfinance institutions. makes it possible for individuals like you, dear reader, to lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity for another person around the world. With you have helped a small time entrepreneur half way around the world without even knowing who he or she is. was established in June, 2005 by a computer programmer, Matthew Joseph Flannery and his wife, Jessica Erin Jackley all U.S. citizens (now divorced). In the first year of kiva, the Internet community contributed $450, 000 in multiples of $25 for kiva. Today, the Internet community raises $1million every three days for kiva. With this level of participation, Kiva has so far given loans to around 800, 000 small businesses to get started. Kiva has also achieved a 98.36% loan recovery rate.

The virtacoin community considers their cryptocurrency as a global phenomenon reaching every nook and cranny of the world in a few years and creating unparalleled wealth for every participant almost out of nothing. The goals of and VirtaCoin naturally synchronizes. Without any official team up, virtacoin is also using the power of the Internet to alleviate poverty around planet earth.

The virtacoin community has so far contributed to the funding of 40 loans totaling $1000 and still counting. This money has gone to or is in the process of going to beneficiaries in the Republic of Togo, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, the Philippines, India, Tajikistan, Honduras, Rwanda, Egypt, etc.

You may be tempted to ask “How much is $1000?” until you hear the story of Anuvi, a 23 year old Togolese national who needed only $50 to buy chewing sticks and retail in her district. She is unable to raise the money. It takes only two donors from the virtacoin community to get her the capital she needed.

Guadalupe is from Peru. She needed money to finish her final year in a fashion school. Loans to such people helps them to help themselves and subsequently, their families and possibly their entire nation.

The virtacoin community makes available $25 every 24 hours to these entrepreneurs. By the time you are reading this piece, other multiples of $25 would have been on their way to help other needy entrepreneurs somewhere around the world.

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