Van Vicker Shoots Movie With 1,800 Slaves

Actor, producer and director, Van Vicker, who picked the Pan African Actor of the year award in the just ended 2013 Cameroon Movie Awards, is presently back on set shooting his 7th movie titled ‘1800’ which is basically about slave trade.

To him, he believes it’s about time Ghanaian or African filmmakers invest in shooting our true but untold historic stories, so that the world can know some of Africa’s interesting past.

He also spoke about the fact that, anyone who wants to make an attempt to shoot historic stories, should get all requisite antiques and shoot to perfection!

Talking about 2014, he stated that he believes 2014 is going to be a very successful year for the industry to improve. “My major and probably only resolution for 2014 is to be more God fearing” Van added.

You can click here for some pictures we took on set on Van’s forthcoming movie ‘1800.’

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