US Lady Forges Documents To Secure US Visa For Child

A 16 year old girl Joy Elizabeth Naa Aduao Nunoo, a pupil of a Preparatory School in Dansoman- Accra name withheld, has been kidnapped by Gideon Akorsu ,a Science teacher from RIIS Memorial school in Accra in connivance with Mrs. Michelle Nunoo, also known as Michelle Mills believed to be her biological mother.

The ill-motivated act was carried out by Gideon Akorsu,to enable Michelle Nunoo, a.k.a Michelle Mills take her away to the United States of America without the consent of her father Isaac Nunoo and her Guardian who happens to be her grandmother, Mary Quansah.

This paper has established that, Michelle Mills who got married to Isaac Nunoo a Rap Artiste known as Papa Row, for which she bears the name Mrs.Michelle Naa Koshie Nunoo until her departure to the United States of America (USA), left her eight (8) months old baby girl, Elizabeth Naa Aduao Nunoo who was then breastfeeding at the time with her grandmother and travel abroad for the past 16 years.

Michelle Nunoo got married again to another man in the USA even though she was already married to Isaac Nunoo a.k.a Papa Row in Ghana before her departure to the US in 1999, without divorce bringing the number of her husband to two.

Meanwhile, Michelle Nunoo whilst in the USA have been communicating with her child, pushing into her the idea of taking her away one day to the USA without the consent of the father and the grandmother, being her guardian.

In view of that, she (Mrs. Michelle Nunoo a.k.a Michelle Mills) had begun processing documents to enable her secure Visa for the little girl to travel with her abroad, hence engaged in forgery of documents to aide her intentions.

The headmistress of the School, in an interview revealed that Gideon Akorsu, has been frequenting their school, and could recall that somewhere in December 2014, Gideon came to their school in an attempt to change the name of the girl to correspond with some documents, he Gideon was processing for her even though he was not a parent or a relative to the girl. But the school authorities refused but informed him to seek clearance with the guardian.(Mary Quansah).

Gideon Akorsu later came back again to the school to take the girl for a blood test on her but was turned down by the school authorities, but finally succeeded in kidnapping the girl on Monday at about 2pm when the girl was writing mock exams. Gideon later came back to pick her school bag from school at 4pm but was sighted by the headmistress of the school , who then reported the case to the police.

Documents found in the school bag of the girl revealed an online immigration Visa and Alien Registration Application (DS- 260) form for the girl that she, Elizabeth Naa Aduao Nunoo attends CALVARY WISDOM ACADEMY, which indeed was not factual. Her passport and other traveling documents. Checks conducted revealed that the child attends a Preparatory School in Dansoman and not Calvary Wisdom Academy as contained in that USA Visa Application document.

It emerged that, the mother who could not secure any document from her original school for her dubious acts so had to connive with a teacher from RIIS Memorial School-Dansoman to work out plans of kidnapping the child from her original school so as to enable her use the fake documents to secure Visa for her travel.

It has also been gathered that the mother of the child has also changed the child’s name from Joy Elizabeth Naa Aduao Nunoo which was contained in the child’s original passport to Joy Elizabeth Naa Aduao Nunoo.

However, upon her return to Ghana, she had contacted some few people from other schools, including a teacher from RIIS Memorial School who aided in kidnapping the child from her school without the knowledge of teachers, the Headmistress and the Grandmother who has been taking care of her for the past 16 years when Michelle Nunoo a.k.a Michelle Mills left for the United States.

The case which is currently before the Dansoman Police Commander DSP. Antwi Tabi,could caused a charge of kidnapping by the RISS Memorial School teacher named Gideon Akorsu and child stealing by Michelle Nunoo her biological mother but has not yet been processed for court..

However, information gathered indicated that there are some attempts on the part of the police to treat the matter with kids gloves since relevant statements from main suspect being Gideon Akorsu connected to the case of kidnapping have been completely ignored.

Speaking to the child’s Grandmother, Mary Quansah, she conceded to the fact that the child had been living with her for 16 years, since she was 8 months old without any issues and contact from her biological mother, Mrs.Michelle Nunoo a.k.a Michelle Mills.

“Her fees, feeding and everything has been taken care of by her grandfather in United Kingdom (UK) who facilitated the travelling arrangements and documents for Mrs.Michele Nunoo after marrying his son, Isaac Nunoo in 1999,” she added.

She recalled that several attempts by Mrs. Michelle Nunoo a.k.a Michelle Mills to kidnap the girl in town around Dansoman where they live have failed until they succeeded on Monday 2nd November, 2015 to kidnap the girl from school when she was writing her Mock Exams.

In tears, she expressed her disappointment in the child’s mother for choosing to kidnap her biological daughter instead of coming to her (Mary Quansah) with her intentions of taking the child abroad.

Speaking to the father Isaac Nunoo a.k.a Papa Row, he revealed that his wife Mrs.Michelle Nunoo, has been legally married to him but was born in the United States and came back to Ghana at a tender age without going back to the US for more than ten years.

Isaac Nunoo a.k.a Papa Row noted that he met Michelle his wife when she was 16 and dated for three years and got married to her at age 19 when she was pregnant.

Isaac’s father who had since been based in the UK formalized documents and paid penalties for Michelle’s overstaying in Ghana since she was an American citizen by birth to enable her return back to the USA to work and in six months be able to send the husband, Isaac Nunoo and their daughter Elizabeth Nunoo to the US to settle as a family.

However, Mrs. Michelle Nunoo after six months failed to invite her husband and her daughter to the USA but rather, got married to another man.

Again after 16 years, Mrs. Michelle Nunoo a.k.a Michelle Mills has resurfaced in Ghana and in connivance with her mother Yaabo Coker, sister to Ardey Coker ,NDC Greater Accra Regional Chairman and the RIIS Memorial School teacher, Gideon Akorsu to kidnap the girl from school without the consent of the school authorities.

The father of the kidnapped child, Isaac Nunoo a.k.a Papa Row also revealed that documents on their marriage certificates signed at the Registrar General Department were all filed at the US Embassy in Ghana to enable Mrs. Michelle Nunoo travel to the USA, can also be traced at the US Embassy Visa application records.

When the Dansoman police commander DSP Terbi was contacted, he indicated that the matter had been resolved and that the girl is now with her biological matter which is why the accused persons have not been processed for court.

But in a swift rebuttal, Papa Row father to Elizabeth denied knowledge of any settlement between him and his wife, Michelle.

According to him, nobody is denying the fact that Michelle is Elizabeth’s biological mother but the means by which she wanted to take custody of her was wrong since the girl has been living with somebody for sixteen years.

Isaac Nunoo a.k.abh Papa Row said it is not in the police’ b to settle this matter and that, that is purely family issue for which the two families must sit and hand over the girl to the mother.

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