Upper Manya-Krobo: The Kloma Hengme Rural Support Program Successfully Takes Place In Aketebuor

Thursday May 28, 2015, Asesewa: The youth of the Krobo area have given a practical demonstration to their quest to develop their land at all cost when a team of Krobo doctors, nurses, bankers and other professionals were sent to Akektebuor; a village in the Upper Manya-Krobo District, by the Kloma Hengme Association to render their services to the rural dwellers last Sunday.

The visit to Aketebuor over the weekend by the Association is part of a grand rural support program instituted by the association dubbed “The Kloma Hengme Rural Watch Project” to enable it pay more attention to the neglected rural communities in the Krobo area.

The services rendered to the rural community were on a wide range of areas including health, education, business, agricultural and general welfare.

The program was massively attended by a number of traditional rulers (Dadematseme), the people of Aketebuor and its surrounding satellite villages, representatives from the Upper Manya-Krobo District Education and Health directorates, school children and their teachers, the mass media, and Executives and members of the Kloma Hengme Association.

The doctors, nurses and other health professionals sent by the association screened the people of Aketebuor on a number of diseases including malaria, blood sugar (Diabetes), blood pressure, and Hepatitis B.

Education was also made on the causes, symptoms and prevention of these diseases as a preventive measure. Some of the people who were screened and were found to be harbouring serious sicknesses were referred to the Asesewa Government Hospital for medical attention

A workshop on the value of education and the need to prioritize it was also organized as part of the program by the professional teachers sent to the village.

A number of educational materials including text books, exercise books, pens, pencils, and mathematical sets were also given to all the school pupils in the village to encourage them to take their education more seriously.

To boost the farming activities in the village, the best farmer in the village; Sackitey Kweku, was awarded with a number of farming inputs including a pair of wellington boot, spraying machine, hand gloves and nose cover by the Association.

Again, all the four Dadematseme (Traditional leaders) of Aketebuor from Manya, Ogomeh, Dorm and Okper were all donated each with spraying machines, hand gloves, and nose covers to be used by themselves and all their subjects

Clothes (both used and new) were also distributed to the rural dwellers. These include shirts, trousers, bags, shoes, sandals, and other household wears. Bibles were also distributed to all heads of households in Aketebuor for the use by all members of their households.

The association also examined and assessed the dilapidated nature of their school buildings, the deteriorated road network leading to the village from Otrokper, their unhygienic sources of drinking water, the absence of electricity, and unavailability of health posts and have promised the villagers to raise government and national attention on their woes and plight.

Two more other villages in Yilo-Krobo (Blukum) and Lower Manya-Krobo will also benefit from the project in the coming weeks.

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