Unilever launches new Vaseline range

Unilever Ghana has launched its new range of Vaseline Intensive Care lotions and creams unto the market.

The new ranges, referred to as The Vaseline Intensive Care Range, are body lotions and creams that exceed the hydration promise of other brands by deeply moisturising to restore dry skin.

This new range of lotions and creams deliver superior moisturisation to provide more substantive and longer-lasting results, keeping the skin restored for longer.

The Dry Skin Repair 
Each of the powerful formulas have been designed to contain a special blend of humectants to draw water into the skin and restoring micro-droplets of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to lock moisture in to combat dry skin.

The Aloe Soothe Range 
At the launch of the event which took place at the Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Unilever explained that the skin’s daily exposure to environmental agents [wind, lack of humidity and sun] causes the skin to lose its natural moisture barrier allowing water to escape it hence the need to introduce a product which will help solve the problem.

The Cocoa Glow Range
Brand Building Director of Unilever, Clarence Nartey said, “There are no quick fixes when it comes to skin health. We know that dry skin can be itchy and uncomfortable, and while some daily lotions can temporarily relieve these symptoms, they are essentially masking the real issue – that the skin is not working properly. That is why we created the new Vaseline Intensive Care range that leverages the dry skin restoring power of Vaseline Jelly to provide a longer-lasting more substantive solution.”

Similar to the original Vaseline Jelly, the dry skin restoring micro-droplets in the new lotions are triple purified to be pure and safe.

They work by penetrating the skin and reforming deep within the stratum corneum as an effective barrier that helps seal in moisture.

By locking in moisture pulled in by the formula’s humectants, Vaseline Intensive Care lotions create the ideal conditions known to help with desquamation and the acceleration of the skin’s own natural barrier recovery.

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