Unemployed nurses besiege Flagstaff House

Scores of unemployed nurses have occupied the frontage of the seat of government – the Flagstaff House – demanding employment.

They say since completing nursing and midwifery training in 2013, they are yet to be absorbed into the public sector.

“We have made relentless follow-ups to the Ministry of Health all to no avail” a leader of the group told JOYNEWS’ Matilda Womega.

The nurses say although they are under a bond not to seek employment elsewhere, they are yet to be posted after nearly 24 months of leaving school.

“Even the minister himself has been giving us dates. He will give us another month again, we patiently wait [but] we are always being referred….always go and come go and come”.

The unplanned protest had no clearance from the police. One of the leaders said they had to take the action because reosrting to the right channels has not yielded any success.

Emmanuel revealed that the group wrote to the president informing him of their coming to protest their unemployed status. They are yet to receive any response, he said.

Government is a heavy employer of health professionals, absorbing over 50% of doctors trained in Ghana.

But there is pressure to control public expenditure as Ghana has signed on to an austerity programme with the International Monetary Fund.

Nonetheless, the nurse population ratio improved by 20 per cent over 2012.

The national average of nurse to population ratio, is almost within reach of the World Health Organisation (WHO) target of 1 (one) nurse per 1,000 citizens.

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