Uncle Ebo Whyte Auditions Over 1,600 Hopefuls For Roverman Productions

Roverman Productions under the tutelage of James Ebo Whyte popularly known as Uncle Ebo Whyte has held its 2016 auditions to recruit new members into his group.

Dubbed “Auditions 2016”, about over 1,600 hopefuls registered to be auditioned at the Osu Ebenezer Presby Church on Saturday January 16 and Sunday January 17, 2016 to be part of Roverman Productions group.

Every year Roverman Productions organises auditions to add new members to the group.

“I do an audition every year. I do auditions for specific place. I audition into the group, so that, I have a standing group and a sample of people from whose number I can then do my casting whenever we have a play to do,” Uncle Ebo Whyte told GhanaGist.Com last Saturday after auditioning first batch of the people.

“For this audition, we have over 1,600 people applying. They were supposed to send their emails and CVs but there were others who we knew will just walk off the street because they heard the announcement and we made allowance for that,” he added.

Throwing more light on the focus for this year’s auditions. Uncle Ebo told GhanaGist.Com that, this year, the focus was to look for singers to beef up the group since his plays are becoming more combined with music.

“There are two stages for this year’s auditions. This year, my focus was to look for singers because my drama is becoming more and more integrated with music. I wanted people who can sing, who can own a tune and who can wow an audience with a song and who can bring out the emotions of a song,” he said.

After two days of vigorous auditions, 50 people would be selected with the help of his two music directors.

“I have two music directors who listened to all who turned up. They are going to give me their top 50 and those are the people that I’m going to sit down directly with.”

He said in meeting the top 50, “I would be looking out what level of passion they have and also their availability because what we do is very evolving, so I would like to find out whether that amount of commitment can be given from them and depending on what comes out, hopefully, I will get the 20 that I’m looking to add to the already 110 people that I have in the group. So that is about what we call auditions 2016. I like the quality of people that turned up.”

According to him, after many years in the Theatre industry, he has the power to transform an ordinary person into a star actor, hence why he doesn’t look out for acting when auditioning people.

“What do I look out at? I look out for passion because I believe that, that is the basis for excellence. If you do not love what you are doing; if you do not believe in what you are doing, chances are that you will not do it well. And also you will not be convincing,” he said to wrap up the interview with GhanaGist.Com.