Two kids die after falling into galamsey pit

The lifeless bodies of two kids have been retrieved after they fell into a pit dug in search of precious minerals.

The kids, a male and a female whose name was given as Christiana Budu, were both a year and a half old.

The tragic incident happened Monday afternoon in the Adansi North district of the Ashanti region.

A 21-year old mother of Christiana Budu said while engaged in galamsey (illegal mining), they left the kids to idle, playing around open pits. She responded to a loud scream from another mother who discovered her son lifeless in the pit.

Panic-stricken, Rita abandoned her search for gold and run to also find her daughter floating in the pit.

She said and explained that she run to call for help. It was too late. The kids were declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

She said she was forced to engage in galamsey after her husband abandoned her to fend for the kid.

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