TV Host Expresses Disappointments Over President Distribution Of Sandals To School Children

ATV’S ‘Asem Yi Di Ka’ Host, Speaker Nana Fianko has vehemently expressed his disappointments over the president’s distribution of sandals to school wards and criticize residents of Sodom and Gomorra over the demonstrating against the demolishing exercise.

He made these statements on his show last Tuesday when addressing the demolishing exercise that took place at Sodom and Gomorra and said government should put a stop to such shameful political machineries. He also touched on matter arising and passed comments on the following issues;

President’s Distribution of Sandal
Let stop insulting Ghanaians. If our economy is doing well, no responsible proud father will depend on sandals or uniform distribution from government. Government should focus on the creation of an environment that will make our businesses grow and stop these shameful political machineries. How can a president be buying sandals in this 21st century for school children? Who even said parents need these interventions? And you take pride in this? In this 21st century? For how long are we going to see our politicians behave like this?

They come into power and a year or two to elections, you see them on the streets doing this to win votes. Such an irresponsible thinking. This is insult and I’m telling the president today that nobody need any sandals for his or her ward for school. When the right things are being done in the country parents can afford for all this things. He should share the sandals in the residential areas. Are they not Ghanaians too? These things must stop.

Sodom and Gomorra
Where at all from this name that Ghanaians want to pride themselves with this name? A name or country that God’s wrath came upon them and destroyed, is this something we want pride ourselves with as a country? The demonstration I saw was very shameful and disrespectful at the highest order, very embarrassing to see theses citizens take the law into their own hands

Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Blaming NPP for Sodom Gomorra Demonstration

Should we always relate or be blaming opposition party for people’s indiscipline acts? This is highly shameful and I am very disappointed by these comments from the minister that NPP are responsible for the demonstration we saw by these people living in Sodom and Gomorra, this is nonsense. It high time we stop relating or blaming political parties for such irresponsible acts. That was a loose talk from the minister. We should as a country refrain from these act because it will do us no good.

Demolishing exercise
I salute the president of the Republic of Ghana and the Mayor Dr. Oko Vanderpauye for such a bold decision taken to solve this problem once and for all. This is something leadership for a very long time has failed to do. I personally appreciate your efforts and I pray you keep on the good work in demolishing more of such areas in the capital. We shouldn’t always wait for disasters to happen before we act or do the right thing. We need visionary leadership who can make bold decisions like this one so the country will be in good shape.

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