Too much Cheating On Part, Engagement in Silly Stuffs & Inability to Manage Stardom Were the Major Factors Behind My Divorce from Ann- Kwaw Kese…

Multiple award-winning hiphop act, Kwaw Kese over the weekend made an appearance on the ‘Hanging out with KOD’ where he talked about his marriage life, why he did not pursue his law dream and more.

When asked by the host what actually led to his divorce, he said, “I want to set records straight for the first time and be free, like we always say, the truth shall set you free. I cheated on Ann several times; men will continue to be men when it comes to cheating, and I did silly stuffs and as well, inability to manage stardom also played a major role which led to the divorce” he revealed this in an emotional mood.

He hasten to add that he regretted the divorce but life must still go on. On whether he is getting ready to marry again, he said “Sure, very soon, you don’t expect a man with a big ‘bansele’ like me to just stay alone for long, I can’t survive alone”. Kwaw Kese and Ann were married close to 7 years and together they have 1 daughter.

When he was asked by the host what he wanted to be in life, he disclosed, “I wanted to become a Newscaster or a lawyer, but I had like 5Fs, 2Es and 1D, so I just had to say no to my lawyer dream.

Kwaw Kese was arrested on 23rd Nov. 2014 for allegedly smoking weed. When asked by KOD whether it had occurred to him that he would be processed to court, he disclosed, “I never thought that I would’ve been processed to court, and to the extent of been remanded, it was just like a movie to me”.

On the murder of his manager, he said, “It dealt me a big blow; he was the brain behind all the madness. He was a great man of all standards, but I certainly have hope that he is resting peacefully in the bosom of the Lord”.

On whether it’s true that he actually shed tears, he said, “It’s just like a footballer, a footballer always come on the pitch for victory but not defeat. I went to the court that day for victory, then the judge did not even read anything but was just like I’ve been remanded again, and also as at that time my health was seriously deteriorating. So what actually happened was that, more or less I was just too emotional, but truth be told, I did not shed tears”.

Kwaw advised the up and coming ones to be original and believe in themselves that they will also get there one day.

Source: /Evershed S. Amekor

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