Too many Ghanaians use fake titles, certificates – Prof. Aryeetey

Prof Ernest Aryeetey
The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof Ernest Aryeetey, has bemoaned the alarming rate at which ‘too many Ghanaians’ are cheating their way through the system to buy titles and acquire positions they are unfit to occupy.

‘There are far too many Ghanaians who claim to have certificates that they don’t have,’ the Professor of Economics lamented at the 70th graduation ceremony at the Trinity Theological Seminary in Accra. ‘There are far too many Ghanaians who have titles they have not worked for.’

He added: ‘There are far too many Ghanaians who use fake ways and practices to acquire their position.

‘It is time Ghanaians ensured that everyone who leaves our Universities, Polytechnics and Seminaries are taking away certificates that they have worked for.’

Prof. Aryeetey was of the view that those who resort to dubious means to acquire what they do not deserve will be exposed one day.

‘It is important that students leave Seminaries, Polytechnics and Universities knowing that cheating their way into the public space can only [lead] to their bad fate,’ he warned.

He disclosed that ‘Today at [the University of Ghana], Legon, there are 15 people, all working in the public sector, whose certificates we are investigating.’

Two hundred and forty students graduated with Masters of Divinity, Masters of Theology, Masters of Arts in Ministry and Bachelor of Theology.

Source: Starrfmonline

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