Togo Embraces Ghanaian Culture

The Ahenfo Kente weavers and Dance emblem showcased the rich Ghanaian culture through the display of dance and our colorful kente on 3rd and 4th March, 2015 at a mini event organized in Togo. Their exquisite display of Ghanaian culture attracted a large number of patrons than expected to the event.

Frank Arhin, the group leader is currently in talks with other event organizers in Germany, UK and other European countries to organize such programs because of the unique display of the culture of the people of Ghana.

Frank Arhin and his group showcased their exploits to the people of Togo and promoted the rich Ghanaian culture to our neighbors on the east.

Frank Arhin emphasized the need for all to embrace our cultural values by practicing it where ever needed. He lamented that most African families forget their rich cultural values when they are outside their home country so he entreated all folks not to forget where they come from and the values they hold in high esteem.

We should all in our own small way live, dress and eat like Africans where ever we find ourselves. Another grand event is scheduled to take place on October 11 in Togo and will feature great dances from Ghana as well.

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