Three arrested over Begoro sex tape

Three people have been arrest­ed in connection with the leaked Begoro sex video in which a photographer is said to have had sexual intercourse with 64 ladies, including married women.

The suspects (names withheld) are currently in the custody of the Begoro police, assisting in investi­gation into the leaked pornographic video allegedly recorded in the photo studio of Yaw Offei, the said perpetrator of the act, who is currently on the run.

One of the suspects was granted bail by the police on grounds of ill health, Daily Guide learnt.

Briefing Daily Guide yesterday, the Begoro Dis­trict Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Samuel Odame, hinted that his out­fit had arrested three women.

He said the suspects were in their custody assist­ing in investigation while they were looking for the other ladies.

The sex video footages are currently making the rounds at Akyem Begoro in the Fanteakwa District of the Eastern Region and on social media, thereby attracting wide patronage.

Yaw Offei, a limping photographer of about 50 years old and native of Heneso-Begoro, is said to be an elder and choir leader of the local Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church.

The choir master, whose conduct is reported to have shocked the residents, including his wife and elders of the local church, is seen in action having sexual intercourse with different ladies in sep­arate video footages.

He is currently on the run as the police and the youth of the town have launched a manhunt for him.

He left behind his cellu­lar phone, making it diffi­cult to reach him with a message. He was alleged to have stated that he could not bear the stigma of the unholy sexual act and so he would go and commit sui­cide. However, not even his wife is aware of what has happened to her husband.

Daily Guide gathered that the modus operandi of the limping photographer was that he allegedly invit­ed the ladies into the studio, gave them some money—as depicted in some of the footages—and then had sex with them in a sofa, captur­ing the act on camera with­out the knowledge of his ‘sexual partners.’

Yaw Offei’s victims are women between the ages of 18 and 45 years who were reportedly eager to have snapshots of themselves and also collect money for their upkeep and to cater for their children.

The wife of the choir­master, Mrs Joyce Offei, who also spoke to Daily Guide about the videos, said she received the news about her husband’s involvement in the sex scan­dal with great shock.

According to Joyce, her shop is very close to the husband’s studio so they normally returned home together and so it beats her imagination how the inci­dent happened without her detecting anything.

According to her, she got to know about the scan­dal when residents started pointing fingers at her. She said she became quite apprehensive and so decided to find out what was happening.

Joyce said that the last time she saw her husband was when he angrily stormed out of the house after an argument over a domestic issue.

The wife has also been invited by the police to help in their investigation.

Some of the women who appeared in the video and still pictures have fled the community to avoid embarrassment.

One of them was on the verge of being married, with the fiance allegedly tearing into pieces a sheet of paper containing the list of items for the engagement and the subsequent holy matrimony.

One of them, who wore a brassiere and matching panties for the still photo­graph, is said to be a popu­lar lady who sells food at Kwadaso, a popular area in the town.

Invoking Traditional Powers
The Chief of Begoro and Benkumhene of Akyem Abuakwa, Daasabre Awuah Kotoko II, in an interview with Adom Fm, condemned the videos and pledged to support the police in inves­tigating the matter since the scandal is a criminal offence.

He said the elders of Begoro after receiving offi­cial complaints would also act and invoke traditional powers where necessary.

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