They are tearing the country apart again!- NCCE Boss

The Chair of the National Commission for Civic Education Mrs. Charlotte Osei has described as ‘ridiculous’ comments being made by certain individuals of the two main political parties in the aftermath of the Supreme Court verdict.

According to Mrs Osei, although this was not unexpected, ‘intemperate language will cause violence and must be discouraged’.

As a panel member on ‘Tarzan’s Take’ on Multi-TV’s Joy News channel on Sunday, Mrs Charlotte Osei said the leaders of the two main political parties should not think that the number of votes they get translate into the number of members they have in their parties. She said, ‘it is those that are not politically entrenched who often determine a win or loss for a party and must be taken note of’.

She was of the view that, despite the indication by the generality of Ghanaians that ‘they do not like intemperate language and they do not want immature politicians’, the politicians still do not seem to listen.

Mrs. Osei cautioned that unguarded comments, if encouraged, ‘may lead to people questioning the correctness of the judgment’.

She therefore urged leaders of the political parties to educate its members on the court proceedings following the ruling.

The NCCE Chairperson is not enthused that the leaders are going back on their pledges with unhealthy comments which she sees as ‘tearing the country apart again”. The bickering, she insists, must not start again after the ruling, considering what the country went through over the past 8 months.

She disclosed that the risk analysis conducted by the commission, revealed, politicians create the problem and not the people, explaining that ‘when we (NCCE) engage the people they accept the message and then the politician comes along the following weekend and tells them something completely different’.

She was saddened by the failure of topnotch figures of political parties to ‘chastise their members when they go wrong’.

She indicated ‘if Sir John is coming down on Tsatsu Tsikata that he shouldn’t attack the judiciary; and however I read comments by some members of the NPP saying this was a corrupt judgement; its obviously too strong word to use’.

She maintained, “I haven’t heard Sir John say that’s a major attack on the judiciaryI expect the NPP and NDC to say ‘don’t denigrate the judiciary’; thats where the disappointment lies’.

She feels ‘the politician has gotten away with this mediocrity for too long’.

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They are tearing the country apart again!- NCCE Boss

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