There Must Be Honesty, Some Sincerity In Politics… – Okudzeto Ablakwa

Following the verdict given by the nine Justices on Thursday, August 29, 2013 declaring John Dramani Mahama as a “validly elected” President, several party functionaries and government officials have been commenting on the core of the election petition.

With some commending the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party and leader of the petitioners, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo for accepting the verdict and wishing the country goodluck, the Deputy Information Minister, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has raised red flag over certain actions that took place as a result of the court case.

Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, speaking on Radio Gold’s “Alhaji and Alhaji” programme, raised doubts about the logic and purpose of the petition because, to him, the petition was awfully characterized by the usage of obscene language and falsehood just to tarnish the reputation of President John Mahama.

Alluding to some statements made by members of the main opposition party, who claimed that the Electoral Commission connived with the President to rig the 2012 general elections, hence, the pursuit of their case in the Supreme Court; he dismissed comments that the petition will help make vital reforms in the electoral system of the country.

To him, “the conduct, the statements which were made and the deliberate creation of panic, of fear; has to be highlighted. And all of us must make a commitment that that is not how you go to court. That is not how you pursue your case in court and that is not the way and manner that if you believe you have a case, you carry out your case.”

“There has to be some honesty, some sincerity in our politics and in the claims that our political leaders make. You cannot go on the platforms; you cannot be a Chairman of a party, read statements about how you have discovered grand rigging schemes and then, when you go to court, you send a different case to court. And after August 29th, all of us are supposed to clap for ourselves and be proud of what we have achieved. I take a different view…

In his earnest view, the petition was a weightless journey to have been embarked upon by the NPP leaders if the aim was to cause changes in the electoral process because the nation has “been having electoral reforms after every election cycle. We have been reforming and we have been improving the process.”

“Let us shun the things which we must shun and let us improve on the things that were commendable, that we can improve on…It is important that we learn the right lessons, so that we can continue to improve. We can continue to build the fair and just society which will make all of us proud as Ghanaians,” he said.


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There Must Be Honesty, Some Sincerity In Politics… – Okudzeto Ablakwa

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