“Development is making people content and happy” Julius Nyerere, first president of Tanzania. Honorable Ali Bakari Kasim, the District Chief Executive of the West Gonja District does not differ from Nyerere’s philosophy on development.Hon Ali Bakari Kasim is a man worth patting at the back for his unflinching commitment to the ruling National Democratic Congress ( NDC)and the West Gonja District.

Honorable Ali Bakari Kasim is a man of affable character and admirable disposition. The spirit of humility and hard work is his forte. His believe in the fortitude of social capital is admirable. Hence his willingness to interact with all people, irrespective of one’s social class. The virtue of respect is well mixed in the stuff he is made of.

It is important to commend the various District Chief Executives for their good work done.

Upon assumption of office in the year 2013, honorable Ali Bakari Kasim has remained resolute to bettering the lots of the good people of the West Gonja District. His commitment to development and progress of the West Gonja District remains undoubted.

His ( Hon Ali) service to humanity as a DCE has brought many people to join the ruling NDC, especially in the villages and hinterlands of the West Gonja District. We could only say that, this gentle man is not only contributing to the progress of the district, but an increase in the support base for the ruling National Democratic Congress. He is indeed materializing the “Better Ghana Agenda” espoused and pontificated by the NDC. If there is any District Chief Executive that preaches the gospel of the “Better Ghana Agenda” then it must be Hon Ali Kasim.

The West Gonja District have seen a significant face lift within the past two and half years under the watch of Honorable Ali Bakari Kasim.

One thing that needs to be commended as a virtue is Hon Ali’s visionary nature and lobbying skills. This has brought an appreciable level of development especially in the area of infrastructure to complement what the assembly is doing within its own capacity.

It is important at this point to catalog a few among the lot that we have seen under the leadership of Hon Ali.

With regards the District Assembly Common Fund lots of projects have been done. Notably amongst these are:

Construction of CHPS compound in Mepeaseam and Langantre.

Construction of a class unit block at Canteen
Construction of a class room unit block at Kotito No3

Several renovation have been made as well using the DACF. Notably among these are;

The renovation of assembly hall at Ndewura Jakpa Senior Secondary Technical School

Kotito No3 primary block
Falahyat primary school
Buroto primary block
Mognori primary block

Guripe primary block, and several others. It is important to note that the renovation done on these facilities have made them a better place for teaching and learning.

The reshaping of Buroto-Janfaru road is worth talking about

Needless must we say that part of the DACF is being used to help many students go through school, even some at the tertiary level.

Aside the DACF, the District Development Facility(DDF) has been well used under the leadership of Hon Ali Bakari Kasim.

In the area of health, the DDF has been used to construct a nurses’ quarters at Achubunyo and CHPS compound at Murugu.

The Yagbum JHS has as well been renovated together with NDESCO home science block among others in the area of education.

Accessible roads play a crucial role in development, especially among farming communities. The DDF have been appropriately used in opening the Congo-Canteen road and reshaping of Mole-Mognori road.

Hon Ali Kasim through his lobbying skill have been able to bring GETFund on board to do great works within the West Gonja District. Several projects have been undertaken as a result of his network with the GETFund. This writeup shall seek to mention a few.

A dormitory block has been constructed at the Damongo Senior High School.
A dormitory block at the Ndewura Jakpa Secondary Technical School.
A six unit class block at frafra settlement.
A six unit class room at Busunu.
A six unit class room block at Laribanga.
A six unit class room block at Bidima.
A teachers’ quarters at Bidima.
A three unit class room block at Achubunyo.
A teachers’ quarters at Achubunyo.
Construction of a police station at Busunu
Two unit teachers’ quarters at Busunu.
A unit teachers’ quarters at Tailorpe.

The Damongo health assistants training school and nurses’ college received it’s shared of developmental projects. A seven unit class room block have been constructed

A dormitory block have been constructed
A teachers quarters have as well been constructed.
It is important to mention that the principal’s bangalore have also been constructed.

Many roads have also been opened in Damongo township through the instrumentality of Hon Ali Bakari Kashmi.

The list continues on and on. These achievements are unparallel. What was considered as the unicorn’s horn in many communities has become very common through the efforts of Hon Ali Kasim.

Four dumps have as well been constructed with help coming from Ghana Social Opportunities Project (GSOP). Kotito No2 , Yipala, Laribanga and Gurupe are the beneficiaries of these projects.

Eight communities have as well been connected to the national grid. Frantic efforts are still made to connect more communities before the middle part of this year.

Hon Ali Kasim is a true servant who believes in the principles of probity and accountability. He believes in the future of the youth and above all the philosophy of his political party, the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Long live Hon Ali Bakari Kasim

Long live the West Gonja District

Long live the NDC

Long Live Ghana

Mahama W. Smith.
Musah Majed

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