The Sad Story Of Ghana Water Company, Stanley Martey Explains

The deputy head of communications for the Ghana water company, Mr. Stanley Matey has spoken about the problems the Ghana Water Company Limited is going through to make clean the water we consume.

He explained that the public utilities regulatory commission has it budget to give the GWCL GHC1.78 to purify water for public consumption but due to the extent the water bodies have been destroyed, they spend GHC8.00 in purifying 220 gallons of water equivalent to 5 barrels instead of the usual GHC1.78 and sell for GHC2.00 making them loose greatly.

This, he said has led to the company borrowing monies from capable bodies that are willing to help. The sad news is, they now find it difficult to secure loans from some of the lenders as their books no longer qualify them to get extra money to purify the water.

This sad situation is what compelled them to make the PURC increase tariffs for them to support the little that comes from the government.

“Our water bodies have been destroyed by chemicals used by farmers for their activities, trees cut down make the evaporation of the water easily and the major one which is galamsey, he added.

Mr. Martey disclosed this to BREEZE NEWS and said if citizens and users could pay a little more to support, it will be appreciated.

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