” The President Is Immune To Summons” Uew-ac Council Attorney Schools Src Judicial Board

Knocking sounded at the S.R.C president’s door as a voice echoed from a sealed envelope saying ‘You are summoned by the judicial board to come and explain why you are interfering in their affairs on Friday 11th April, 2015′

Court proceedings started exactly 8:15am with the chief justice her ladyship Justice Vida Kusiwaa who has been constitutionally mandated as the chairperson of the judicial board, requesting the presence of the S.R.C president. The S.R.C Council attorney, Justice Mireku Ernest defended with 1992 constitution of Ghana article 57(4 and 5) which clearly states the immunity of the president not to appear before the court in exercise of his duties. He insisted on the national constitution’s supremacy, of which the U.E.W S.R.C constitution bows to, in its own article.

‘President Mahama was summoned to appear before the Supreme Court and he responded through his lawyer.

With this we insist the S.R.C president appear before the judicial board’ Justice Benjamin Dzantor said. Debate over whether president Mahama was a candidate or president during the 2012 election petition hearing came to a halt as Justice Mireku quoted an extract from the 2012 election petition which clearly stated that president Mahama was summoned as a candidate for the NDC and not the president of Ghana, and that was why he responded to that summons .

He further bemoaned the judicial board’s failure to open proceedings with their lawyer representing them and pleaded them to do so, if only they wish to battle legally because the judicial board can’t summon someone and adjudicate on the same matter by themselves my ‘That’s unfair’ he said.

The legal brains stage is set as lawyer Amekudzi of ‘Amicus curiae’ fame’s spirit, gingers council attorney, Ernest Mireku, lawyer Gideon Amankwaa and lawyer Kwesi Frimpong in defending the SRC president, as Justice Atuguba’s spirit enters her ladyship Chief Justice Vida Kusiwaa, Justice Adito Julius, Justice Benjamin Dzantor and Justice Stephen Boateng pressing onto the SRC president to appear live in court. In all, it was a no show as the chief Justice adjourned proceedings to another time which shall be communicated to the defendants later.


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