The Petition Is Over But Doesn’t Mean We Should Go Back To Our Old Ways – Dr Apaak

Former Convener for Forum for Justice and Governance (FJG), Dr. Clement Apaak has described as unfortunate the claim that the white attire worn by President John Dramani Mahama and his Vice Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur is indicative of the fact that they knew of the final verdict of the Supreme Court before it was declared.

He said such claims are likely to change the atmosphere in the country; hence should not be encouraged.

A few hours after the Supreme Court read its judgment on the election petition, President John Dramani Mahama, Vice President Amissah Arthur, Ministers and other presidential staffers were seen clad in white and jubilating that the President had been reaffirmed by the nine justices as legally elected.

Some are of the view that because the President and his officials were in white, they had been pre-informed of the verdict before it was announced.

“What about the supporters of the other side who were also seen wearing white? Is it to say that they also knew something we didn’t know? We have to be very circumspect. We don’t have to make statements which have the tendency of fanning trouble. It is most unfortunate to think that way and we have to be very careful,” Dr Apaak told Suhiyini Alhassan.

He appreciated the fact that the political atmosphere in the country during proceedings at the Supreme Court; especially when the justices started charging people with contempt, was calm and serene and advised that it shouldn’t change ‘simply because the verdict has been given and the case has been brought to a closure.

Dr Apaak who is now a Presidential Staffer, suggested that “the fact that we have gone past the critical moment must not be a guarantee to go back to making derogatory comments that will change the atmosphere and create confusion. Our commentary must be very circumspect. It (election petition) is over but that doesn’t mean we should go back to our bad old ways.”



The Petition Is Over But Doesn’t Mean We Should Go Back To Our Old Ways – Dr Apaak

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