The day you pass this bill I will go to court Kofi Bentil vows

Government’s plans to pass into law, a bill to listen to calls without a permit will be met with fierce resistance, lawyer and Vice-President of IMANI Ghana Kofi Bentil has vowed.

Kofi Bentil says the Postal Packets and Telecommunications Bill is a direct infringement of Ghana’s 1992 constitution which protects every citizen’s right to privacy.

“The day you pass this bill I will go to court” he re-stated a warning he said he gave parliamentarians who are considering the passage of the Postal Packets and Telecommunications Bill.

Current legislations already allow security officials to listen in to calls of any person if it can obtain a warrant from the court justifying the need.

However, the new Bill removes the need for a warrant and reduces the requirement to a simple command or order from operatives within National Security.

National Security would be able to listen, record, monitor, intercept or tamper with telecommunication messages in a move which the Bill says will help fight arms, drugs and human trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, armed robbery and other trans-national criminal activities.

National Democratic Congress MP for Tamale Central Inusah Fuseini called it “expanding the frontiers of protection”.

“We want Ghanaians to be safe and secure…we are being pro-active” he explained on Multi TV/Joy FM’s Newsfile Saturday.

Listen to Kofi Bentil debate Inusah Fuseini