The Church Must Take Part In Politics Apostle Frank Poku

The Founder and General Overseer of Restore Hope International Ministry, Apostle Frank Kusi Poku has urged churches to take part in active politics.

He said the participation of the church in the political realms would prevent some bad decision been taken by our politician.

In an interview with The Crystal Clear Lens’ Maxwell Ofori, Apostle Kusi said the church should be able to take decisions about the country because “if bad people destroy, good people must build”, he stated.

According to him, the church should see it as an opportunity to involve themselves in politics to steer the affairs of the country to the right direction. This, he explained that, would ensure transparency, accountability and trustworthiness.

“If bad person leads the country sin takes over the country and God’s anger befalls the country. Whatever the country does would not succeed because the bad person leading will not take good decisions for the country to develop”, he noted.

He continued that, there are always issues of corruption in almost every government. They all promise to fight the corruption when they get power but turns out to be that political party’s hobby immediately they assume the seat of government.

Explaining how the church would merge the principles of Christianity to that of politics, having in mind that ungodly things goes on at the blind side of people in the politics and by extension wining the elections, Apostle Frank said as a Christian you have to let your light shine come what may.

“You are who you are no matter where you are and who you are with. Christian must let their light shine at any corner to drive away darkness. We don’t have to fear to say the truth”, he advised

Commenting on the fact that most of our leaders if not all are members of churches and mosques, he disclosed that, “going to church is different from being a Christian”, but he was quick to add that, “some of them are Christian and they have to be truth to the President if they think a decision will not help the country”.

He added that a Christian who is holding a position in government will not inflate figures of a project and keep the money in his pocket and wouldn’t even do the work properly but will tell the President all is well, “that is wickedness and they must not be allowed to occupy any other position in government if caught”, he emphasized.

He also urged men of God who change their sermon to please prominent people when they come to their church to desist from that attitude. “Some men of God change their sermon when they see prominent people at their church because of offertory from these people. I want to tell them to stop that and go according what God will give them to preach”, he advised.

Apostle Frank, however, defended the fact that the church must involve itself in politics, citing that most pastors are learned and can rule the nation. “I pray that a pastor becomes President in Ghana one day”, he concluded.

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