Terror attacks in WA: Mahama must whip security chiefs in line- Aning

Security expert at the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre says the president must whip his security chiefs into line in order to avert possible acts of terrorism in Ghana.

Dr Kwasi Aning says West Africa has become the frontline for a worsening power struggle between two of the world’s deadly terrorist groups- ISIS and Al-Qaeda and the risk to Ghana is potentially high.

His comments come just a day after terrorists invaded a hotel in Burkina Faso killing 23 people and injuring others.

The African Union has condemned the attack describing it as “despicable and cowardly”. It is the second time in three months such a horrific attack has taken place in West Africa.

The first was in Mali late last year when Islamic militants kidnapped 170 hostages and killed 20 in a horrific mass shooting incident.

The incident has left many West African countries on the edge.

Speaking to Joy News, Dr Aning said the attack in Burkina Faso was not the least surprising.

“Burkina Faso has been a confluence for the activities of terrorists for a very long time. We have also seen the worsening of the power struggle between the Islamic states and Al-Qaeda for the last two and half years with West Africa becoming the front line for that power struggle.

“What we saw in Mali was the first shot in that power struggle. Al Qaeda is desperate to show Islamic States that they are kids, that they cannot recruit people; they cannot spread their influence.

Dr Aning said a “few more states” in West Africa will be next.

“Every single country in West Africa is a potential territory for the expression of this contestation of power and influence,” he said.

In the wake of the controversial admission into Ghana of two Yemeni terror suspects, Dr Aning said Ghana must be worried because it could be potential victims.

“We are a potential target. The president must whip his security chiefs into line. The quality of analysis they give the president must improve dramatically. We must be up and doing. I think we have been too lackadaisical for a long time.

He said the sub region has become even more dangerous and the country’s security must be proactive.

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