Tension Mounts In Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District, As President Brother Refuses To Step Down Despite The End Of His Term As A DCE

A brother of President Mahama, Isaac Mumuni Dramani also District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District in the Northern Region has been accused of gross incompetence, looting and sharing, implementation of operation ‘scratch my back, I scratch your back’ and running the district as a his private estate.

As the DCE, he has taken over 90 percent of all projects that came as part of road construction package in the STK district and enriching himself at the expense of the of the poor in his constituent.

This was made known by the concerned youth of Sawla- Tuna-Kalba Constituency and have vowed to use all legitimate means to remove him from office to pave way for the nomination of a news DCE to bring about development to the area.

According to the Youth the bad attitude, character and poor management of the District Assembly by the DCE has dwindled their support base and turning away a large chunk of their party-fateful and floating voters and supporters to other parties.

They explained that the party has asked people to apply for the post of DCE and nine people applied including the DCE to the party’s constituency Chairman and regional executives but none of the applicants was called for any interview but shockingly, Isaac Mumuni Dramani’s name was mentioned as the DCE thus imposing him “against the sovereign will of the people”

The youth are therefore calling on the president as a matter of urgency to redraw the name of his brother as the DCE of the district to preserve peace and protect the poor.

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