Tension Mounts In Ho Central NPP

Tension is said to be mounting in the Ho Central Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), following the alleged illegal organization of Constituency election by a national executive member at the time the Regional Executives had suspended the elections, until some difficulties associated with it are addressed.

The problem with the Ho Central Constituency election was that two different albums were provided for the election, which was detected by the Regional executives, who decided to suspend the elections.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Chronicle in Ho recently, the Constituency Secretary, Mr. Francis Boafo, was not happy with the decision by the national executive member to conduct the election, which has created a big problem for them at the grassroots level.

Mr. Boafo explained that the decision to suspend the Constituency election in the Ho Central Constituency by the Regional executives was aimed at addressing the problem of using two different albums to conduct the election.

He further explained that there was the need for the National Executives to intervene and make the necessary corrections that would lead to the reorganization of fresh elections with only one album, noting that it was dangerous for the party to keep two different albums, since the same album would be used to elect future leaders of the party, both local and national.

Mr. Boafo pointed out that there were agitations from qualified party members who were being vetted for the various positions in the Constituency, when they heard that the election had already been conducted.

The Chronicle investigation into the matter showed that there was a heavy police presence at the Ho Depot Roman Catholic Church, the venue where the election was conducted, and since then opposing members of the NPP in the Constituency are regularly heard on local radio stations in Ho arguing over the development.

Some of the aggrieved members in the Ho Central Constituency   said the organization of the   election by a member of the National Executive was not only a mark of disrespect for the regional executives but has also created a major problem for the party, which ought to be addressed quickly.

When contacted, the Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Kenwuud Nuworsu, said the development was very unfortunate but he was happy that the youth were showing more interest in participating in leadership positions, as most of the positions in 23 out of the 26 Constituencies in the region, were taken by the youth.

Mr. Nuworsu disclosed that two of the constituencies, Keta and Biakoye, were still in court, noting that efforts were being made to address the matter.

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