Telenovelas Are Bringing Down Standard Of Education DCE Warns

The rate at which children of school going age have become so addicted to the watching of  ‘telenovelas’ with less supervision from parents has become a major threat to Ghana’s quest to ensure quality standard of education at the basic level.

Mr. Nti Ateware, District Chief Executive for Jaman North who expressed the concern cautioned parents and guardians to regulate the manner at which their school going children watch telenovelas at the expense of their books.

He called on parents to ensure that their children study their books instead of watching the numerous Telenovelas which have infiltrated the Ghanaian media, particularly the Television Stations.

Speaking at the inauguration of a three-unit classroom block for the Presbyterian Junior High School at Duadaso No.1, the DCE anticipated the fear that if the kids are addicted to these TV series, it would make it difficult for the government to improve on the standard of education and it will affect the human resource capital in the country.

“Government is doing very well in raising education standards, hence the massive provision of infrastructure to enhance teaching and learning, but if the teachers do their part and the parents fail to do their part, then the efforts of the government would be in vain.”  Mr. Nti Ateware noted.

In his view, it was absolutely wrong and irresponsible for parents to gleefully watch movies and telenovelas with their kids, instead of instructing them to revise their notes given by their teachers back in school.

As a former teacher, Mr. Ateware reiterated that from the experience gained from his long teaching years, pupils who revise their notes after instructional hours in school are the ones that are more likely to excel in their final examination, than those who refuse to study after school hours.

“Why do you take delight in watching telenovelas like ‘Kukum Baghya’ with your children when you know they will not be asked questions about them in their final examination?” he quizzed.

According to the DCE, students and pupils across the country have taken to the viewing of Television soap operas at prime time during weekdays, which gets the students discussing them in school, an act some educationists have frowned on, attributing it to the hindrance on good learning outcomes.

“It is in your own good to stop them from viewing these films, so that they learn hard and pass their exams and get good jobs“, he advised. According to him, these acts when left unchecked would increase the unemployment rate in the country because “even when government creates employment opportunities, we won’t have competent people to employ because of the addiction to the viewing of telenovelas.”

From Michael Boateng,  Duadaso

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