TDC ready to take demolition liability if…

The Tema Development Corporation (TDC) says it is ready to take liability for houses razed in a recent demolition exercise in Adjei Kojo, a suburb of Tema, if only the victims can produce evidence of land titles and a right of entry.

The Corporation is however, convinced not even one of the victims will be able to produce any such document because none was issued to those victims.

In a three-page statement explaining the rationale behind the demolition exercise, the TDC insists the victims are illegal occupants, who have resisted all attempts to move them out of a land they have encroached on.

The statement comes in the wake of the demolition of some 150 houses, which rendered several hundreds of families homeless.

Some of the victims claim they legally acquired the land from which they have been forcibly ejected.

Both the Member of Parliament, Irene Naa Toshie Addo and some chiefs in Tema have vowed to go to court to seek redress.

But the TDC is adamant about the action it took. It says even though it agreed to regularize about 3000 houses built illegally on 905 acres of land, there were other houses that were either sited on water course, project sites or road corridors, which needed to be demolished.

The TDC said all persons to be affected by the demolition were adequately informed.

The statement also cited land guard activities sponsored by some chiefs against workers of the TDC.

The TDC said it has done all that is “humanly possible to make the exercise as minimally damaging as it can be and hopes that in the end the community will be better placed to live in a properly planned manner that offers order and convenience to the residents.”

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