Tariff Increment: Political Parties Must Rise Up – AFAG

The Alliance For Accountable Governance, (AFAG) has stood against the recent tariff increment scheduled to take effective from October 1.

The Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC), Wednesday, announced new tariffs at a press conference.

Consumers of electricity and water will now have to pay up to 52 % more for water and 78.9% more for electricity.

According to them the utility providers; water and electricity, have given Ghanaians poor delivery of services and so there is no justification for the increment.

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AFAG Rejects Tariff Increases; Political Parties Must Rise Up

There is no justification for increases in utility tariffs. Ghanaians have no value for money with regards to the provision of these services. The rush in tariff increase is just a passing of the buck. Government has failed woefully to fight corruption, and as is the case, the good people of this country will continue to pay for the price of this financial mess.

There is no confidence in this economy. Simply put; Ghana is gone bankrupt. We must embrace ourselves for the worst. This tariff increases will result in a consequential transmission effect.

Ghanaians should be well positioned to absorb the shock of general price increases. The sad thing is that corruption will be on the ripe, and poverty to a soaring level.

AFAG believe that, is about time political parties stand up to the challenge of providing hope to the masses. As alternative governments in waiting, there is nothing wrong for the largest opposition party (The NPP) to rally together all other political parties in opposition for mass actions that will drum home to government, the sad story of the ordinary Ghanaian.

There is no hope for the Ghanaian. Everyone is silent, the TUC is neglecting, and the government is not listening. The time is now that, opposition political parties must see eye to eye, and rise up to the plight of the ever suffering Ghanaian.

AFAG is ever ready to ally on any course that will bring economic freedom to the Ghanaian.
God Bless Ghana.

Dr. Nana Ayew Afriye
Arnold Boateng
Henry Haruna Asante
Abu Ramadan


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Tariff Increment: Political Parties Must Rise Up – AFAG

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