Tamale Usher In New Year

As at 11pm on Tuesday, various churches visited by DAILY GUIDE were filled to capacity.

Worshippers were seen dancing and singing to thank God for His mercies and guidance throughout the year.

The worshippers, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, explained the significance of the event.

In other churches, worshippers were engaged in intense prayers to seek God’s guidance for the New Year.

At the Holy Cross Parish Catholic Church, the main church auditorium was filled to capacity compelling congregants to follow proceedings via public address system outside the Church building.

In his homily, the presiding celebrant admonished Christians not to be thankful to God only during good times, stating that ‘we must thank God in times of pain, grief and happiness.’

Making reference to Luke 17:11-19, he noted that the failure of Christians to appreciate the unfailing love of the Father could be likened to the nine lepers who failed to thank Jesus for healing them.

He appealed to Christians to shun their evil ways in order not to incur his wrath, urging them to avoid ungodly acts in 2014.

The reverend appealed to Christians and non-Christians to use the occasion to take stock of their activities so as to lead righteous lives in the coming years.

He also called on all and sundry to work towards fulfilling their resolutions in 2014.

The preacher further indicated that Ghanaians must be mindful of their utterances and actions that undermine the laws of God in the coming years.

In other parts of the city, there were no intense events to usher in the New Year.

Some revelers were sighted at various drinking spots along the principal streets of the metropolis.

The low-key celebration by residents, particularly sections of the youth to usher in the New Year, has partly been blamed on the harsh economic conditions in the country.

 From Stephen Zoure

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