Statement: Message Of Commendation… Ayekoo!!! Nana Akomea

The greater Accra Regional Communication Committee of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) wishes to express our profound gratitude and commendation to honourable Nana Akomea former Member of Parliament for Okaikoi South and until recently National Communication Director for election 2012.

The communication team recalls with nostalgic memory our excellent working relationship with Nana Akomea throughout the period that he headed the National Communication team.

Furthermore, we want to appreciate all the support he rendered to the Regional Communication Team especially in the areas of his wise counseling and words of motivation during the most difficult times of our work in the heat of the election 2012 campaign.

By this single act, Nana Akomea has shown his appreciation and commitment to our party’s constitution which legitimize the work of the communication team which he headed and which officially came to an end on 13th September 2013 and going further to demonstrate his greatest respect to the letter and spirit of the party constitution.

We therefore wish to salute him and say ayekoo…ooo

We are by this release making a passionate and a humble appeal to all party officers at any level be it National, Regional, Constituency and polling station to emulate Nana Akomea by respecting the party’s constitution which legitimately regulates all our activities as party officers and members.

Let us not do anything to undermine the party’s constitution thereby endangering the unity of our great party. For we cannot afford to lose election 2016 which is going to be more crucial as the party come face to face with relatively more formidable President John Dramani Mahama who will be seeking for his second term and more especially with an electoral commission whose leadership cannot be too trusted after their inefficiencies and perceived complicity was exposed during the just ended Supreme Court hearing on election 2012.

Let us as a party stay very focused, determined and united with the greatest caution to respect the letter and spirit of our cherish heritage and a sound party constitution bequeathed to us by our great grand founders such as Professor Abrefa Busia, Dr. J.B. Danquah and D.S. Dombo all of blessed memory which has stood the test of time.


Thank you
Michael Kwabena Ampong (Gyagbele)
(Director of Communications-Greater Accra NPP)


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Statement: Message Of Commendation… Ayekoo!!! Nana Akomea

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