Speaker suspends deliberations into GMO

The Speaker of Parliament Edward Doe Adjaho has suspended deliberations into the controversial Plant Breeders Bill.

The bill which is currently at the consideration stage in Parliament had to be suspended to allow for comprehensive assessment and deliberations.

The Bill, if passed will allow for Genetically Modified foods to be grown in Ghana.

There have been widespread criticisms against the bill. On Monday hundreds of farmers hit the streets in Accra in protest over GMO.

They claim GMOs will have dire consequences if the Bill is passed into law.

Shouting “No GMO! No GMO!” the farmers marched through the principal streets of Accra, Joy News’ Anna Agyapong reported.

Apart from the demonstration, hundreds of petitions were sent to Parliament protesting the passage of the Plant Breeders Bill.

Even though the Bill is at a consideration stage, the Speaker ordered for proceedings to be suspended until comprehensive discussion and deliberations have been held on the GMOs.

He charged the House to consider the petitions before it before proceeding any further.

Genetically modified foods (or GM foods) are foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering .

Critics say if the bill is passed into law, farmers in Ghana cannot reproduce from their own seeds except to go for the genetically modified seeds.

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