SONA 2016: Mahama addressed his ‘family and friends’ not ordinary Ghanaians Akufo-Addo

Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has described President John Mahama’s State of the Nation Address as disrespectful to Ghanaians.

The president in his view, ignored the struggles of the ordinary Ghanaian when he failed to focus on the economy and opted to focus on propaganda.

Compelled by this failure, the NPP presidential candidate said his party had no option than to present the ‘true State of the Nation’ address in Accra Monday.

At the program held at The Ghana Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, the two-time presidential candidate said Mahama painted a picture of a flourishing country when in reality, things are falling apart.

According to Mr Akufo-Addo, the president chose to tell a tale of two nations, one inhabited by him, his family and friends and a select small group and the real Ghana inhabited by rest of Ghanaians.

Nana Addo expressed disappointment that for a State of the Nation Address, the state of the economy was the only measure of reality.

With a country with a high unemployment rate, the president candidate questioned why Mr Mahama did failed to mention anything about the situation of what his administration is doing to solve the problem.

He said millions of Ghanaians wake up each day to the destroyed reality of joblessness and spend their energies looking for non-existent jobs, yet the president during his address gave no indication that he was aware of the gravity of unemployment.

“Young people finish school acquire qualifications and end up frustrated with no prospects of jobs or a career.

“Why ignore the clear evidence of this canker which characterizes the true state of the economy? We heard nothing of the bold and radical measures that will encourage enterprises to expand or that will help build new businesses in agriculture or industry to generate the hundreds of thousands of jobs our youth need,” he queried.

The president adopted a new approach in his address by telling the story of at least 16 Ghanaians who have benefitted from his government’s promise to transform Ghana and change lives. He brough his human examples of progress to parliament in what he described as “evidence-based learning”.

But an unimpressed Akufo-Addo described this approach as an “embarrassing display of the few vulnerable Ghanaians”.

“It was a sad spectacle and propaganda, one that did a disservice to the image of our parliament. It appears we have a president who is out of touch with the country he is governing.” He said President Mahama took liberty of the Ghanaian people for granted.

Nana Addo explained that many of the achievements touted by president John Mahama have been challenged as false even while he was still addressing parliament. A case in point was touting of the consturction of the Salaga district hospital in the Northern region where the reality was that construction had been abandoned.

Nana Addo is disappointed that President John Mahama chose to do propaganda with facts.

“It is disrespectful to the people of Ghana and to the republican institutions for the president to exhibit such a cavalier attitude to facts in a formal address to the nation.”

Akufo Addo maintained that failing to admit that the country was in crisis is an indication that the President has fallen out of touch with the Ghanaian people.

“I waited to hear him admit that we are in crisis and I willed him on to offer a glimmer of hope and ask all of us Ghanaians to help resolve the crisis in which we find ourselves.

“I wanted him to admit that ours was indeed a nation in crisis. Unfortunately, millions of Ghanaians including my humble self, waited in vain. President Mahama painted a picture that bore very little resemblance to the reality that is today’s Ghana,” he continued.

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