Soldiers Mete Out Mob Justice

Some residents of the Bolgatanga Municipality want the leadership of the Ghana Armed Forces to consider training soldiers as humans and not turn them into what they describes as programmed robots.

A resident, Michael Ayine who was a witness to one of the scenes where some young rowdy soldiers subjected motor riders to severe beatings, told the DAILY GUIDE that, the request was very important, especially when it has become necessary to bring soldiers to town to help in maintaining peace and order in troubled areas of the country.

“What the soldiers are doing in Bolgatanga at night, can best be described as mob justice and I think that is bad. They behave like some wild animals that have been let loose. They beat people with clubs and copper wires and rejoice in the open. Let’s not forget that, the youth are watching what they are doing and yet no one is talking about it. If they are not told to stop their nonsense, it will be taken as normal and any group of bad boys would do same to anyone they suspect to have flouted the law,” Mr. Ayine said.

There had been reports that, the soldiers in Bolgatanga were taking delight in beating motorbike riders with unregistered motorbikes or ride without helmet; instead of arresting them or confiscating the motor bikes, like civilized security personnel do.

Following these reports, DAILY GUIDE after some observations could confirm that soldiers detailed to protect the palaces of the two Bolgatanga Chiefs had not been staying at their duty post at night.

They would rather pitch camps at night in front the National Investment Bank and at the front of noisy drinking spots on the commercial street to trap motorbike users.

Some patrons of these spots told DAILY GUIDE that they had seen soldiers on patrol entering the spots to drink alcohol while on duty at night.

“I am told that people are planning to show them how to humble themselves. I will be happy to see some of them land themselves in trouble. …..I agree that, every motor bike should be registered and riders ride with helmet. So if they get an unregistered motorbike, it will be right to seize the bikes or arrest the people riding them. It is not right to beat to kill or maim the riders,” a patron complained.

At least more than 5 victims have vowed never to forgive these young rowdy soldiers and will teach them lessons they will never forget.

From: Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga

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