Shot and Paralysed: How 29-year-old pregnant woman survived shooting (Photos)

A 29-year-old woman is now bed-ridden after surviving a mysterious shooting while she was seven months pregnant, it has been reported.

Accra-based Joy FM reported Monday  that the woman, Benita Dankwa, woke up on the morning of August 8, 2015 at about 5:30 am only to discover that there was a ‘hole’ on her chest and another one at her back.

Her husband, Effort Dankwa, 34, and some neighbours took her to the hospital where she soon found out that she had been shot.

Benita Dankwa is now lying helplessly on the hospital bed, paralysed from her chest downwards, the report noted.

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The Joy FM report said: ‘Apart from her hands and head, the Benita Dankwa on the hospital bed cannot move any part of her body. Those parts don’t belong to her any longer, or rather, they do but she has lost control over them. She cannot feel any sensation there.”

‘The Benita Dankwa on the hospital bed cannot pass out urine. She cannot empty her bowels. A urinary catheter is attached to her urinary tract. It is emptied periodically by her 54-year old mother, Mrs. Agnes Yirenkyi, or anyone who is present when it is full. Benita also wears diapers to contain the involuntary discharge of faecal matter. That’s not all the woes of the woman on the hospital bed.

‘When Benita lifts the cloth covering the lower part of her body, huge plasters covering her bedsores are exposed. She has large bedsores on her buttocks and on her hips. The Benita Dankwa on the hospital bed has swollen feet. She is bedridden. And she needs someone to bathe her and turn her from time to time to enable the bedsores heal.’

It added: ‘The woman on the hospital bed is also anaemic. Doctors at the Tema General Hospital say her hemoglobin (blood) level is 6.1, half what it is supposed to be. The ideal level is 12. Hers dropped to 4 and has risen to 6.1 through medication. The low hemoglobin level hampers the healing of her sores. She also stands the risk of a heart attack because of her low blood level.’

Benita in happier times

The report noted that investigations by the Tema Community 11 police ‘revealed that the victim (Benita Dankwa) was shot from a close range at her chest and the bullet penetrated through her body and was rushed to the hospital for treatment, but no point of penetration or breakage into the couple’s room was detected.’

‘A live ammunition believed to have been shot from a pistol at close range was found about 2 inches deep in the mattress [on] which the couple were lying. Blood stains believed to be human blood was also found on the bed sheet and the mattress of the couple,’ the report added.

To this end, the police suspect that Benita was shot by her husband, Effort Dankwa.

Benita and husband

‘For now, fingers are pointing to a certain direction, but because investigations are still ongoing we cannot confirm. But then, questions are coming up and answers are coming up,’ Tema Region Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Juliana Obeng, was quoted as saying by

‘The question now is: who did it?’ ASP Juliana Obeng asked. ‘Let me give you an example: If I were with you alone in the house and I wake up to have some injuries on my body and I find some other things in the room that have to do with blood stains and there are no other persons in the room, and nobody came to the room, then your guess is as good as mine.’

The police PRO, however, says they cannot draw a conclusion now.

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Benita’s father, Mr. S.O.S Yirenkyi, suspects that his son-in-law shot his daughter, especially because, Effort Dankwa failed to report the shooting to the police.

‘If you are with your wife in the room and you wake up to find out that she has been shot, should you not be the first to report to the police?’ the 68-year-old was quoted as saying my

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